Government ‘picking fights’ with the EU rather than resolving Northern Ireland issue

Labour’s Ian Murray says the government seems to be more interested in “picking fights with the EU”, than resolving the Northern Ireland issue.

The Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland says the government needs to “make Brexit work” in what should be a “relatively simple negotiation”.

Speaking about the proposed civil service tax cuts, Mr Murray said the government was one of “wastage” and is looking for anything to try to resolve the cost of living crisis.

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Comment (252)

  1. If the UK government rips up the agreement they signed with the EU and in kind it start's a trade war with the UK people are going to start asking why are we suffering with this for something that the DUP has created as Johnson hasn't got a set to tell the DUP to piss off

  2. Dopey brainwashed muppets DUP & Tories WASTED 5 years of EU time, Hundreds of Billions of pounds of taxpayers money on brexshit negotiating enforcing brexshit on everyone knowing FULL WELL these problems will occur, Tories Brexshitters Dup were warned Hundreds of times but insisted on this Disaster.

  3. Has anyone else noticed how every single story, the UK is the bad guy or doing something wrong. Even when following the rules the UK still get accused of nonsense. Every channel, every story is the same, always negative towards the UK. And I thought these people lived here and were on out side. It is a shame how ALL of British media is geared towards making Britain look worse at every possible opportunity. Who on earth needs these people in this country.

  4. Boris negotiated in bad faith, his “oven ready deal”, as part of the agreement, which he hailed as a” great deal”. However, Boris then went on record, stating his clear intention to renege on the Agreement, immediately after it was signed. The taking of unilateral action would be a direct violation of international law, could destabilise the peace process and threaten the Good Friday agreement. The DUP wants to scrap the protocol for ideological reasons only , not, because it‘s not working. The UK does not appear to want to resolve the Northern Ireland Protocol impasse Instead of this continuous sabre rattling and using the DUP as leverage in his battle to overturn the “oven ready deal “, Boris should be negotiating with the EU in good faith and be putting pressure on the DUP to re-establish a functioning Executive in Northern Ireland following the Assembly election, in accordance with the democratic will of the people..

  5. I can’t hide the feeling anymore as Intellectweb s has given me so much reasons to believe in his work, he just send me a hack transfer of £50,000

  6. EU is an authoritarian regime, they must learn how to respect sovereign rights of each and every nation in the block.
    Things could be simpler if they can just have an Canadian style free trade agreement with UK.

  7. The solution is OF COURSE the reunification of Ireland. The old remnant of colonialism that is NI is absolutely unjustified in the 21st century.

  8. The EU must be sick of requests to negotiate this again and again and again. Let us not forget this didn't start with Johnson this started with May. May agreed a WA with the EU (the UK Parliament then rejected the deal). Then the same with Johnson. For the DUP this is political. For the UK government they don't care less about NI, it's more that they don't want to do the paperwork, so each time they come becak to the EU they try to get paperwork waivered for this and that. That's the reality, not the issue of NI.

  9. Johnson ALWAYS intended to bin NI Protocol. He only signed it to get Brexit started. Now he's planning a "smash & grab" General Election THIS summer. Why do I think this? Because it's now or never for him; he has Sue Gray's report, the PPC investigation into his lying and an economy going down the pan – all coming his way and his poll numbers will only get worse! Binning the Protocol gets the DUP back on side and he'll need them if, as looks possible right now, he gets the Tories over the line as the biggest party in a hung parliament. It's now or never for him! The longer he puts off calling the GE, the more likely it will be that Labour will be the one forming a coalition government with the LDs, etc. So he gets the DUP back in his pocket and starting a trade war with the EU will throw red meat at those red wallers and other brexit fans who might have been wavering on whether to stick with him now "Brexit is done". Does he care if Ulster starts burning again? Does he care about the catastrophic economic and political consequences of a trade war with the EU? Not a bit! He only cares to save his own skin and he'll get his media machine to blame the EU for all of it! So long as just enough idiots believe his rubbish, he'll have another 5 years in power. Oh and expect a sudden u-turn on a windfall tax on the energy providers just before he announces the snap poll! This man has no shame. He's a disgusting individual who belongs behind bars!😡

  10. As long as the northern unionist
    Gets what he wants- then they’ll be peace – now there in second place 🥈

    A few bigots up north Will not defeat
    Europe – ask the Russians

  11. Murray is right Boris claims NIP an oven ready deal but what was expected were not honoured by EU who for dogmatic reason translated a simple rules into an unworkable Rules

  12. Using the safeguarding article 16 isn't 'ripping up' the NIP, Article 16 is part of the protocol.
    As predicted by many at the time the scorned EU hasn't been proportionate to the risks posed by goods entering NI from GB to its own internal market. The latest proposal by the UK is to have certain trusted traders provide things like digital consignment notes data for a risk based approach on goods entering NI from GB , something which the modernised WTO recognises and recommends for international trade never mind the bizarre situation of having it internally.
    Maybe Ian should reflect on his own MP's behaviour in the 2017/19 parliament and its support for passing the so called Benn Act in Oct 2019. BTW How did Ian vote on that amendment to rule out No-Deal while the NIP negotiations were going on ?

  13. Successive Tory "governments" have lead us down paths to a very dodgy landscape indeed – and then have the frickin' brass neck to to attempt to characterise these disasterous decisions as somehow having absolutely nothing to do with them…. We will not forget.

  14. Sky news is so biased against Sinn Fein. Have they interviewed a Sinn Fein politicians since election. Majority infavour of protocol.
    The protocol is caused directly by Brexit which northern Ireland voted against.
    Stop giving all attention to dup. They don't represent the majority


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