Gorilla Bonds With New Mother And Baby At Boston Zoo

When Emmily Austin of Jefferson, Maine, visited Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo with her 5-week-old baby, the pair shared a sweet moment with a gorilla who has her own baby boy.

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Comment (251)

  1. we are all animals and humans are usually not as emotionally intelligent as other animals are…case in point what is happening in Russia and in the Ukraine right now and in the Middle East…

  2. Motherhood is reserved only for females. Even if she cannot literally bare children, motherhood is reserved only for her. A man cannot claim to be a woman & claim motherhood.
    A man can never be female. He can never become a woman. Female can never become a male. A woman cannot claim fatherhood. Male & Female are separate, it cannot be changed. Gender is not interchangeable by thought and perspective.

  3. OMG 💕👶God is so good! His creation is hard to put in to words. Miraculous 👏👏👏 ! Blessings upon blessings upon blessings to you and your family 😘

  4. This a HORRIBLE STORY!!!! These privilege people are at animal prison where the animals are on display in small enclosures… maybe the gorilla was trying to show that it has life too and doesn't deserve to be enslaved for people's mild entertainment.

  5. Kiki and the other gorillas at the Franklin Park Zoo are so wonderful. They deserve the best lives they can have. Give now to support them, expand their habitat and improve their daily lives.

  6. If you want to see something interesting, Google “gorilla baby and human baby reacting to a cold stethoscope.” It’s remarkable. Gorillas are our second closest relatives; our infants both look somewhat alike, and often have the same facial expressions. Mama gorilla knew a fellow mama and baby when she saw one 😊

  7. Gorilla shows us it doesn’t matter the color of our skin. We are all in this world together. What matters is our hearts. Accept one another and don’t look at our physical differences.

  8. That was just so adorable. My heart melts. I have seen pictures of gorilla Kiki before. She is wonderful.

    And as a totally irrelevant aside, my goodness, that human woman is INCREDIBLY pretty. Especially for a new mom coming from the zoo!

  9. This was just beautiful. I told my adult son to watch it and he was like, "mom, I'm not into that mushy stuff like you" LOL! But it's more than mushy – it's evolution, it's nature, it's a miracle! I do wonder what would have happened though, if that gorilla would've gotten his hands on the baby…………would she have known not to rip its face off?

  10. Reminds me of something I saw at the old Great Ape House at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago back in the 90s. They had an enclosure near the entrance that had some young gorillas in it. One of them, don't know the age, but was I'm guessing about 24 inches tall, was running back and forth at the glass with a little human boy who seemed to be in the 4 to 6 year age range. Of course cell phones weren't as common then, and the ones that were around didn't even have text capabilities, much less cameras, so I wasn't able to get video of it (and yes, would have asked parents for permission first if I'd had a VHS video camera).

  11. Oh my goodness, it brought tears to my eyes!! That is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen as well!! The love of our children is shared across countless species. 😢😭😭😭

  12. This is amazing. The emotions involved from the Ape is so obvious. Even these animals have more compassion than a lot of people I know!

  13. Something tells me the mom gorilla would have never harmed the baby if she could have held it. The few times small children have fallen into gorilla enclosures the females protected the human child.

  14. The gorilla was holding her baby exactly same way the woman was holding to find similarities…. As if saying…look I got one too…we are same….and the father's were both watching from near…..without interrupting their families…. Yeah we primates are similar….


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