Gorguts – Obscura

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Gorguts playing Obscura live at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, New York City on May 26, 2010.

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  1. @zerogravity121 even though they use 5150s and marshall/orange cabs and lemay uses a 7 string sometimes.. but i see what your trying to say… although there is nothing wrong with 6505s or mesa cabs lol

  2. @Zerogravity121
    Umm. C standard is pretty low. Plus on the album the riffs are almost unaudible because of the distortion. Probably the main reason I can't get into these guys. Can't hear the riffs.

  3. @ChainsawVsGod -gasp- thats crazy that you can do that over the internet. although having shitty ears would contribute to a boost in your other senses so maybe thats how you did it

  4. John Longstreth is fuckin' tearing this song up. So glad to see him show his versatility from doing fast as fuck stuff in Origin to highly creative things in Gorguts.
    Hope the new album is as groundbreaking as their other releases.

  5. @ChainsawVsGod The guitar tone that Gorguts uses is LESS distorted than most death metal bands, similar to the tone that Spawn Of Possession uses. There are plenty of metal bands that use an insane amount of distortion and it does not make the riffs any harder to make out (Decapitated, Cryptopsy, Origin, Ulver, pretty much any classic black metal band).

  6. @ChainsawVsGod I agree that their riffs are hard to make out, but it has nothing to do with the distortion. It's mainly because of the dissonance, unorthodox counterpoint, and, I must admit, the production on the albums is a bit shoddy.

  7. @ChainsawVsGod They sound different but all three bands use a lot of distortion. The point I'm trying to make is that even if Gorguts played on damn acoustic guitars, I bet you'd still have trouble "understanding" the riffs.

  8. @FastCarsBigGuns oh mom jokes you really got me there buddy go learn to talk shit and maybe you'll have something worthwhile………….ya fast cars and big guns how lame is that? I bet you never even seen a gun and you drive a pinto….sad ass

  9. I get to redeem myself. Ill be seeing them in June. Hopefully I wont pee and cry or poop and pee then cry. And yes I owe myself a running start punch in baby maker bag.

  10. I thought it sounded a bit off at first, but now I think it sounds awesome. It's not melodic in the usual sense, but it has a very unstable, "shifting" feel to it that compliments the atonality of everything else excellently. One of the few albums I can think of where those random, Slayeresque whammy bar dives and rattles actually fit perfectly, too.

  11. this is the defining album in tech-death. no long guitar wank solos, or constant balls to the wall speed (looking at you Origin), just utterly insane rhythmic structure.

  12. There are some legit scary parts on that album. Our brain tends to look for structure and there is plenty of it in these compositions, but what's within those structures is a complete ugly alien brainfuck. It's like you are looking into a portal to another dimension and it's calling to you and you can't look away. My all time favourites are Clouded and Faceless Ones.


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