Going To Church Shouldn’t Be Exhausting. Karen Mayer Cunningham

Going to church shouldn’t be exhausting, but if you’re similar to Karen Mayer Cunningham, it can be. Whether it’s running into the story to buy panty hose before the service or fighting with someone sitting in your seat sometimes going to church can be an exhausting affair. Whether you’re someone who shows up 2 hours early for church, or someone who has never been this clip from Karen Mayer Cunningham’s full Dry Bar Comedy special is sure to keep you entertained from start to finish.

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  1. YouTube where did you tell me in your advertisements that I should feel sorry about Karen's when it's true that Karen's are evil they should not be trusted both them and their parents need to be punished a a bad childhood doesn't wipe away a actual crime that was committed Karen's commit crimes not the people with the name but the stereotypical type of woman that is a spoiled brat old person that's very insane you know that type of Karen Susan do your job correctly or we wouldn't have this mess


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