God is Our Psychological Need | Energizer 5 Full Video by Sneh Desai (In Hindi)

Why Do We Believe in God?
God is Our Psychological Need | Energizer 5 Full Video by Sneh Desai (In Hindi)

Sneh’s Energizer 5 Live Recorded Video…

Come out of Extreme VASTAVIKTA – Reality
To know God, first know yourself…!

If God exist, good, if not we need to create one, its our psychological necessity.
Does God really exist? Do we need God? Where is God? These are some eternal questions humans have always pondered. We find extremist in the society, one who do not ask questions when it comes to God and another who considers other to be fools who do not ask questions and follow blindly. This is the time to wake up and know the truth rising above everything else. Surrendering without knowledge is foolishness & knowledge without surrendering is Ego. Let’s create the perfect balance between Science & Spirituality.

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  1. I am not big fan of Dr. Sneh Desai but I have seen people asking for free video instead of buy. But think twice and twice there are so many free videos available on youtube but we never respect the free video. And India me FREE ki koi value hi nahi so it is batter to buy something best for our Life. Agar apako acha nahi lagata to mat buy karo but negative comments karana achi bat nahi. Agar ap logo me takat he to ek chij FREE banane youtube par dalo fir pata chalega ke log kesi comments karate hai… Thanks Dr.Sneh Desai for Awesome Videos

  2. What an amazing thing you have achieved!! You are one in a million and I salute your commitment, your dedication and your values of helping others! Keep up the good work – congratulations!


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