Go Forward to the Moon

NASA is going to the Moon and on to Mars, in a measured, sustainable way. Working with U.S. companies and international partners, NASA will push the boundaries of human exploration forward to the Moon. NASA is working to establish a permanent human presence on the Moon within the next decade to uncover new scientific discoveries and lay the foundation for private companies to build a lunar economy.

Right now, NASA is taking steps to begin this next era of exploration. #Moon2Mars

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This video is available for download from NASA’s Image and Video Library: https://images.nasa.gov/details-NHQ_2019_0311_Go%20Forward%20to%20the%20Moon.html

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  1. First woman in the moon, staying in the moon…. No sure if is a good idea; with the same budget we could do a lot ocean exploration on earth and fix heaps of pollution, extinction, overpopulation, and hunger problems. Maybe not as attractive as space exploration but equally urgent for our survival on this planet (Have a critical number of humans alive and healthy is the first step to explore other planets)

  2. Why didn't you go to the moon since 50 years ? Was it too difficult to redo what you did 50 years ago ? Can you explain what was the obstacles to acheive what your predecessors made 50 years ago, and they did it with very basic and few means and technology than was available then like processors less power than tkday's baby toy ?

  3. why have you all been lying to us for 60 plus years 50 years I've been following this since 1968 I even built the models believing NASA. But your latest video admits that you can't make it through the Van Allen belt yep are astronauts did it going and coming back a half a dozen or a dozen times. What are the what are the Democratic Communist Party using all this money for 60 million dollars a day what is going on why have they been lying to us and why are we letting them get away with it. We need to stop the Democratic Communist party in NASA's lies and find out where this money is going to cut him off from getting another dime

  4. Wow! That’s incredible to re-start the moon program. Great work to all of you. Of course we must honor past great astronauts who have walked the moon before us and who have shared with us, their experiences.
    If you listen to Dr. Edgar Mitchell (astronaut) talk about his moon experiences with ufos, then you will learn the real reason why NASA has suddenly decided to disclose its moon activities to the public. You can easily search his interview on Sirius Disclosure on YouTube.

  5. YAY that's great!
    I hope I could once know all about science and probably be an astronaut or a scientist when I grow up!
    I got inspired by so many amazing people including Nasa!

  6. For anyone interested in the subject, I would suggest you to watch the video named "Industrializing the Moon
    " by Isaac Arthur
    . If you have trouble finding it, ?v=bGcvv3683Os might help you find it, because adding a link would hide the comment by default.

  7. Its great! But at the same time we are just forgetting what's happen to our own planet, it's sad if most of us go to the moon and see our planet,Earth just staying there with plastics, pollution, and everything that is bad,

    Look down-to see plastics that were in the ocean

    Don't look back-to see what we've created from nature to pollution

    Look up-too see if we could live to the moon

    look forward-too fix on what we left

    This comment isn't supposed to be offensive, it's about Earth. The place that we are all born.

  8. Want to see a successful return to the Moon, Mars, etc ? Then let's give NASA the funding they need. This is so important, the technology, products that come out of these programs will forever help improve the quality of life on Earth. Congress needs to stop supporting senseless wars on foreign soils and put an end to the insane defense spending. Humans very survival depends on American and its allies developing advanced technology, science and going back to the Moon, Mars and beyond. Unless NASA is given a black check, none of this is going to happen. Apollo became a reality, only because they were given the funds needed to do the job correctly. If a problem occurred, the funds were there to correct the problem. This hardware must be reusable, we cannot afford to have an SLS rocket with disposable cores, hardware. Congress should have no say in who or how this program is run.NASA has the expertise to get it done ..Please, let's all support NASA's effort in doing the job the way they know how to do best.

  9. 無聲波回傳為何不看到東西能知道形狀呢!回傳的時間差,碰觸了物體就會會傳,熱生電回傳的時間差解釋過了,光學的方式到幾微米根本是笑話

  10. I have a question, partially to NASA and partially to basically every other Space Agency in the world:
    Why does science still have to listen to what politics says and therefor why can't we just work together in one global, Terranian Space Agency, TSA? (ESA already exists) With combined efforts we would make far greater and far faster advancements.

  11. Dear NASA this message is a rhetorical question ie it's just a good high thought I saw a video in which a scientist tries to bring the bird's prehistoric cells, so I thought since the fossilized DNA is too fragile and can break through why It does not reinforce it with other DNA or DNA fusions of other animals, thus making a force for the prehistoric DNA and merging the prehistoric DNA reinforced with the chosen bird DNA to activate the prehistoric cells thus making a dinosaur.

  12. Here's the landing of to the Planets:
    Moon: 1969
    Mars: 2025
    Jupiter: Cancelled.
    Saturn's Rings: 2037
    Uranus: Cancelled.
    Neptune's Moon Titan: 2049
    Venus: 2052
    Mercury: 2055
    Sun: 2057
    Pluto: 2062
    Haumea: 2067
    MakeMake: 2070
    Ceres: 2085
    Eris: 2105
    Theia: 2112
    5th Gas Planet: 2120
    They are the Planet landing. Also the Dwarf Planets, Gas Planets, Ice Giants, the Sun, Theia & 5th Gas Planet from 4.4 Bullion Years Ago.


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