Glengarry Glen Ross

When an office full of New York City real estate salesmen is given the news that all but the top two will be fired at the end of the week, the atmosphere begins to heat up.

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  1. Possibly, one of the greatest casts ever assembled for a movie, acting carries this entire film. As a former salesman, this movie was quoted numerous times in any office I had worked.

  2. Many many moons ago I had a temp job calling people out of the blue to sale lawn care. My supervisor called me into his office and I thought I was going to be fired but he offered me a job. I turned the job down and got my current job I have had for 20 years. A few months later I saw one of my forrmer co-workers who was working at a Best Buy. About 2 months after I left everyone was fired except for the top 4 salespeople. Talk about art immedating real life.

  3. I sold a wood burning stove in 107 degree heat to a guy from Texas on a slow Saturday because there was very little to do. He was about the only customer we had because it was so HOT. I thought he was a Mystery shopper from the chamber of commerce. I worked my Ass off sell'n that stove though. Kind'a Miss it.

  4. Sales incentives imply that selling sucks which implies that the real estate that is being sold sucks. These guys are suckers that didn't make the effort to find out what they had a passion and skill for when they were young, which is their own fault.

  5. Why do these guys stay working in this terrible job? Nothing but misery and disappointment. Do they have no other skills or experience? They all are suffering terribly. I would get so sick in an environment like that.
    One of the best jobs I ever had was opening clams in a cannery getting paid by the gallon. It was wet and stinky and boring, but I loved that stupid job. I only opened clams, and got very fast at it, and they left me the hell alone and life was simple. I'd probably still be doing it but all us shuckers, about 16 men and women, we were all fired together at the end of the shift, in the parking lot walking to our cars. That's when we found out we were replaced by a machine.

  6. I would aim for a set of steak knives. #1. Those would last far longer and be far more usefull then any Caddilac. #2. So I can stab the ah hotshot from downtown and cut his balls off.

  7. This film 🎥 is a masterpiece 👌 with a all star cast. The acting is just phenomenal from everyone. Alec Baldwin's cameo is LEGENDARY. Rip Jack Lemmon. The 90s was truly the last great era for film making.

  8. I worked for years as an independent outside sales rep for an upscale stationery, greeting card and party goods company and this film made me feel intensely grateful that I didn't work for a company like Glengarry Glen Ross. We were so upscale, that during our golden period, we actually turned customers away. I worked as an independent rep for them for nearly twenty years. There was a lot of entertaining, dinners and all expense paid conventions. There was also a great deal of prestige and the customers were the types who would invite you to their summer homes. One day….just a month short of my twenty year anniversary with the company, the sales manager called me in and told me "you need to look for another job". No reason given. I still don't know why they betrayed me. Glengarry Glen Ross had become my reality after all. I no longer trust a soul in business after that. No job is ever really secure.


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