Giving $100 to 100 people

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  1. Bro it amazes me how many people refuse to take the money hahaha you really have to negotiate with them as if you were selling something. Good people I guess! Amazing video too 😀

  2. I hate the video when u pay rent and give out money some reactions pisses me off because they be tear jerkers, they be have my grown as all sensitive and stuff, Im having to snap out of it and look all hard 🤣🤣…6 million subs and counting 🔥🔥

  3. Doing an essay on why bezos has a cowardly personality, and watching you give $10,000 to strangers is insane. And bezos had $200 billion and hasn’t done 1 act like this

  4. What I love about this is that all these people are just random passerby's you'll probably never come across again, yet that one single 100$ bill can be life changing.
    You never know how they'll spend it, and whats gonna come of it. It's pure butterfly effect and I love it!
    You're amazing!

  5. I love your channel Juan you have the best content hands down. You do these wonderful things for people that I wish I could do, I'm trying to move and life is hard right wish I ran into on one of these days when your helping people. Seeing you out there doing these great things for everyday people gives me motivation so thank you Juan for all you do. Much love bro, you are Epic


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