Girl, Interrupted

Set in the changing world of the late 1960’s, GIRL INTERRUPTED is the searing story of Susanna Kaysen (Ryder), a young woman who finds herself at a renowned mental institution for troubled women. Based on the best-selling novel of the same name and directed by celebrated director James Mangold, GIRL INTERRUPTED features tour de force performance by todays most critically acclaimed young actors. Kaysen’s prescribed “short rest” from a psychiatrist she had met only once becomes a strange, unknown journey into Alice’s Wonderland, where she struggles with the thin line between normal and crazy. Kaysen soon realizes how hard it is to get out once she has been comitted, and she ultimatley has to choose between the world of people who belong inside or the difficult world of reality outside. © 1999 Global Entertainment Productions GmbH & Co. Movie KG. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Such a good movie, thanks for the upload. Great cast! I miss Brittany Murphy, R.I.P. 🕊⚘ I just know if she wasn't taken soon, she'd still be making great movies. I've always enjoyed this movie. Thanks again! ❤

  2. Borderline personality disorder can stem from childhood trauma, abuse and from having a parent who is borderline but especially more likely, if you have a parent who is a narcissist.

  3. Great movie. I can totally relate to this movie . ( I was born in the 60s). I have a younger sister who is borderline personalty. Shes nothing like Wynonna Riders character. Sadly we are unable to get her the help she needs. Our community not big on helping the mentally ill.


  5. Psychological pills cause brain damage there are actual studies on this Biofeedback specialist/psycogist/science engineer said this is true its cuz pills make u brain waves go straight thats why a lot of people get seizers or a zombie brain feeling u brain Waves are supposed to go up & down u can take herbs & natural minerals like lithium my aunt took me off ridalin cuz I drooled & stared at wall so she recommended St. John's wort for depression & anxiety & it helped a lot moving away from a abusive uncle & counseling with a hippo counselor, biofeedback, & chair a yoga healings, spirituality Buddhism/wiccanism, Native American spirituality, meditation, & progressive guided hypnotism to reverse brainwashing abuse did to me & understanding how law of attracting works cuz when u been through trauma u aura can attract toxic people to you also made a difference, reading about ptsd understanding it & myself & how to get better from it & how when you learn new things it's conscious you're aware of it and then once you learn it well it becomes subconscious and your Consciousness is a risk taker likes trying new things the subconscious mind does not like to try new things it's cautious to change and the Consciousness has to convince the subconscious to change it's really hard to do usually something pretty bad has to trigger your subconscious to wake up to make you motivated to change and one thing that helped me was when the psychologist triggered me on purpose so that I could remember things that were deep in my subconscious mind that I couldn't remember usually cuz you can't fix what you don't know is wrong with you or how you're feeling when it's suppressed for so long you've been taught to suppress it and that made a big difference knowing how the mind works and we are civilized people but the mind is not always 100% civilized doesn't always react civilized when something bad happens but we can learn how to adapt and cope to trauma once we realize how that works with each condition there are different coping methods some are the same but why it happens can be different how it happens what is happening depending on what type of trauma happens sexual trauma is one of the worst ones when you've been sexually abused your mind often wants to go back to the situation you were in we live it so that you can take control of it so some people who have been sexually abused will sleep with abusive people because they want to give the person permission to sleep with them so they feel that they are in control not the abuser that's just how the mind works but this isn't healthy for us cuz we're not actually really in control even though our mind thinks we are the subconscious mind has to find another way to feel safe rather than trying to control a abusive people cuz your mind wants to make sure it doesn't happen again but you have to retrain your subconscious to realize what's reality and what is healthy cuz we are human animals according to science so our minds may be in a lot of ways more intelligent than animals but they're still a flatter fight response that's similar to animals fly or fight response that still has not quite left in our mind when evolving into humans and this is to protect us but sometimes it hurts us and that's why there's some humans that are healers and they know how to help people through all that and they're more evolved and they know how the mind works and can teach people so that the animalistic side and humans doesn't take over the intelligence side and I learned all this from healers and psychologists and counselors there's some really bad counselors and psychologists out there that act like they're better than you and just do the job for the money and the hierarchy but there are some good counselors out there for a few in between but it's worth finding them I prefer yoga chakra healers they know a lot I also learned a lot more from self-help books than I did counselors I had some counselors that gave me good coping methods but it was just too slow and my life was chaotic and I needed to get my life stabilized and counselors tend to give you a little bit of coping method here and there but self-help books give it to you a lot quicker so you can start recuperating a lot quicker and sometimes they don't have all the answers so it's good to get more than one resource so but it's good to always learn new things about the mind and check in with the Healer here and there cuz sometimes there could be something wrong with you and you don't even realize it that may pop up later from being triggered from something new that reminds you of something old I learned that the hard way I thought I was all better and later realized I wasn't the longer you've been abused the longer it takes to fully get better and you will surprise yourself I wish someone told me all this in the beginning I hope this helps anybody out there who reads t h i s and we're all a work of progress so we're never perfect and we're always working on stuff throughout our whole life even if you haven't been through trauma there's always something new to learn and challenges to conquer and also helping others who have been through trauma and having a purpose and getting l a w s changed that make things better and educating people about what Mendel health issues and neurological disease is really about so there don't fear People Like Us are all very therapeutic as well & chasing validation from toxic people from toxic people will attract more toxic people into your life hope this info
    Helps others like it helped me

  6. I went to this hospital and got to see the tunnels and bowling alley. I was both a patient with borderline and prior to that my friend was a security guard here, it's called "mclean hospital" in real life. Belmont ma. It was so cool to see where they filmed

  7. Most of these women seem to be conscious of what goes on around them, like Susanna, Lisa, Janet, Polly and they sort of seem okay, like typical mental instability and swing…that’s terrifying. The intensity of when the swing and instability is too much is terrifying.

  8. Brittany Murphy’s eyes tell such a story. Not only in this movie but in general, but in this movie her shadow side & darkness showed so deeply in the eyes. Her scenes always break my heart. Angelina Jolie kept this movie secured – I love her last scene. Maybe there’s some romanticization in this but for mentally ill it’s something that we need.

  9. Brittany Murphy’s eyes tell such a story. Not only in this movie but in general, but in this movie her shadow side & darkness showed so deeply in the eyes. Her scenes always break my heart. Angelina Jolie kept this movie secured – I love her last scene. Maybe there’s some romanticization in this but for mentally ill ladies it’s a solid movie to watch sometimes. it’s definitely intense energetically tho, a lotta pain.

  10. Electric sock therapy in the 1960s they found out later causes brain damage the volts amount too high but 10 & below is safe & help rewires the brain a biofeedback specialist did some on me I could only handle 3 volts past that was a little painful; just imagine way higher that 10 volts must of been unmanageably painful I dont know how they bared that pain

  11. When I went to rehab for pills we were housed next to psych unit and we ate in the cafeteria with them. I’ll never forget some of those people as long as I live. I just thought I knew what crazy was before that.

  12. Every actor was amazing in this film!
    From Whoopi all they way to that beautiful kitty.
    Bravo, Ladies….BRAVO!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💜💜💜💜💜

  13. I can honestly say as many times as I've watched this movie … Brittany Murphys death still makes me feel queezy inside. I legit have to look away give myself a minute and then look at that scene. I hope I never have to see that in my life because that would be very hard to get past .

  14. Wow, This was totally a great movie. And the cast too. Goldberg, Ryder, Jolie , Murphy, Duvall, & the rest of cast did very well!!! Thanks You Tube!!! 😊😚😙😃😘😄😍😉😁❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  15. As someone who has schizophrenia and someone who has been to psych a few times, the best most genuine people I ever have met have been in the ward.

  16. 13:54 Polly is played by the lovely Elizabeth Moss, who plays Offred in The Handmaid’s Tale!
    This movie is PACKED with amazing actors. It’s one of my favorite films. It’s so sad, but very enjoyable to watch. The female version of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

  17. Unexpected awesome movie from YouTube❗️TYSM
    Strange this movie was recommended 5 days after my husband was released from an institution. 💔😰😖And before I’m being committed. I’ve always appreciated this movie.

  18. That song, Down town, was a song that made me feel better, in my mind, when I was 15 and had a huge fight with my mom. And I went down town, and a nice lady was really nice to me.

  19. The script was brilliant. Ryder was mostly awful in it however. Her voice has always been strangled and affected. The opening lines are unbearable. Such a magical elfin pretty face yet I never felt she was right for this very Jewish troubled girl role. It felt too WASPY as they had rewritten that aspect out. I mean what middle class white guy in the late 1960’s would send their daughter to a friend psychiatrist? More likely a temporary rest home. The Anglo- Irish liked those. Yet an institution? Jolie and the late Brittany Murphy blew everyone off the page their vocals and gestures totally integrated and utterly believable. A stunning film. I just block Winona out.

  20. I was a patient on a mental health unit at two hospitals, diagnosed with BPD. My expereinces as an inpatient were positive. Life on the outside is a challange. I saw this movie at the theater with my outpatient day program and it was tough for some to watch.

  21. Susanna and Lisa are the same person….
    Watch carefully… Lisa is Susanna's alter ego, the bad part of her. Lisa is the other side who IS mentally insane, and Susanna is afraid of her, so is everyone else. Susanna has to face herself at the end, and tells Lisa that she's already dead, stands up to her, then leaves Lisa, at the hospital.

  22. I really wish I was this age back then. BUT, I woulda been thrown in an institution when I was 12.
    I’m starring head on to one right this second. For some reason it’s scarier when your an adult and have EVERYTHING to lose. 💔😰

  23. Thanks for uploading, amazing movie, I own it on vhs…lol just get tired of switching from vhs to dvd. Amazing actors in this movie and I so relate to this movie so much. Thanks.

  24. I've never been but I can say without prejudice or judgement that the worse people I've met have been in a homeless shelter. The benefit of the doubt has no place there.i left in a month. Longest month of my life.

  25. Well I can't believe they have all the old movies that I loved they have girl interrupted that was a good movie with Brittany Brittany Murphy and Angelina Jolie that was a great movie I just seen a whole bunch of movies that they have here they have lovely Bones that was an awesome movie they have ghosts with Patrick swayze once you go on this movie I just watched the haunted asylum

  26. 6 souls was such a good movie it's a psychological thriller it will mess with your head I forgot the lady's name who plays the main character but oh Susan sarandon this dangerous minds on here the movie Jezebel is such a good movie psychologically and the others that was a good movie that was such a great movie

  27. No I can't understand is why they always try to put words and make you say things you don't feel like saying like that are not true you always end up having to give in to what they want you to believe

  28. In 2020, I was forced to have emergency surgery on my heart because I chased some Motrin PM with bottles of Mike's Hard Lemonade. It's eerie how much I can relate to this movie. I was diagnosed with BPD.

  29. This movie helped me get the help I needed. I didn’t realize how bad I’d actually become until I found myself relating with Lisa. Please don’t let the idea that you’re not good enough or smart enough or pretty enough to not deserve basic human rights or love fester in your mind. You are and always will be worth it. Even if you don’t recognize it.

  30. I have been in the Insane Asylum more then 6 times for suicide attempts and drug overdoses. This movie next to One Who Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest is spot on how it is to live in a #MentalInstitution ✝️🙏🏼🧠💪🏽💊💉🏥🩺⚕👩‍⚕️🥼🥼🚑👮‍♂️👮‍♀️🚔🚓⚰💀 May God Bless You All.

  31. I saw this when it came out in theaters, I was in the Navy at the time…movies were my escape….but I love this film….beautiful and tragic….anyone who has been deeply depressed, suicidal, or in any kind of institution, can relate to this film on many deep levels….

    Someone mentioned, a female version of .."One who flew over the cuckoos nest…" but I think, unintentionally….which is great….

    Angelina Jolie just OWNED this performance, she's so believable.

    Damn I love great acting…what a well made vulnerable personal film…. of a varied group of young women in a 60s mental ward. Tragically relatable…

    All of them were great.

  32. Getting to watch this movie in this manner (being able to freeze a frame, especially the scenes in the clinician's office) getting to see everything typed in her files, yes I'm aware this is a movie, not a documentary… But Susanna's file is a bunch of psychobabble, I'd recognize it anywhere.

    Oooohhhh, when this movie was out for rental, and on premium cable, I was so skinny back then, I looked kinda like Lisa (my eyes are more asiatic, I'm "squinty" 😁

  33. I believe that women that live under heathen law is given an unrealistic expectation of love do to their love interests having to be just as good as the antichrist/Hercules

  34. YouTube has been killing it with these free movies.

    Another classic and personal favorite of mine girl interrupted.

    A wonderful cast and a even more powerful story.

    I highly suggest giving this a watch for those who have not seen it yet. 👍


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