Girl in Progress

Grace (Eva Mendes) is a single mom. She is too busy juggling work, bills, and the very married Dr. Hartford (Matthew Modine), to give her daughter, Ansiedad (Cierra Ramirez) the attention she desperately needs. When Ansiedad’s English teacher, Ms. Armstrong (Patricia Arquette), introduces her students to classic coming-of-age stories, Ansiedad is inspired to skip adolescence and jump-start her life without mom. While Grace becomes preoccupied with the increasing affections of her co-worker (Eugenio Derbez), Ansiedad enlists the help of her loyal friend, Tavita (Raini Rodriguez), to plot her shortcut to “adulthood”. But as her misguided plan unravels, Ansiedad and Grace must learn that sometimes growing-up means acting your age.

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  1. God, this is a great movie with a great story and great acting. i've seen it acted out at least a dozen times in my life and just reminds me how screwed up our society is and makes me grateful to of had the parents i had.

  2. Watching this has me thinking of how much I let my daughter's down in not being there..if only we could redo that time..but you can't so spend as much time with them as they'll let them❤️

  3. The times we're living in. So much selfishness. Parents not putting children first and children learning rebellion through movies, tv programs and school and acting it out.

  4. Pfft. you think your mom doesn't care about you, should meet mine, her and my father left my ass in Alaska at 14 and moved to Arizona… I was homeless most of my teen years and even into my 20's a bit.

  5. what the hell are they thinking making this movie ….. This is a crappy movie ….. so they want girls watching this movie to do bad things so they can come of age …. they want girls to have affairs with married men ….. they want employees to steal from their bosses …. skip school and have sex and do drugs ….. somehow they think this is cool ….. anyways better hide these movies from your kids …. otherwise they are going to run away and do bad things …. and forget about school ….. forget about the future …. they might not get to see it …. just don't say this is a good movie …. cause you might won't get to see your kids


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