Gigi Hadid Loves Hanging Out with Karaoke Legend Serena Williams | The Tonight Show

Gigi Hadid talks about cheering Serena Williams on at the U.S. Open, how she keeps the vibes going at karaoke and her clothing brand, Guest in Residence.

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Gigi Hadid Loves Hanging Out with Karaoke Legend Serena Williams | The Tonight Show


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Comment (390)

  1. NBC:

    I guess you fully endorse the rich white privileged Miss having a platform as you watch my son get tortured because his mom used the YouTube platform to express her opinion. How dare I have anything to say.

    I will forever remember that NBC. You too Serena.

  2. This is the exact show Gigi sat on a sofa along talking about a pregnancy she does not have. Jimmy drank it all. Telling of your character.

    All the while Zayn was back with Harry.

    Jimmy Fallon is another one of Gigi's contacts she uses to abuse others by telling lies.

    Lost all respect!

  3. This entire production and name dropping was done to intimidate and throw me off. It was by design, using NBC contacts.

    You failed miserably NBC and you look like a joke. From this point on, I will have no dealings with you other than your testimony in court. You breaking bread with Gigi will not stop me seeking justice for my son. You stand up for and support lies, the rich and privileged, I will pursue my long walk to justice. You will testify under oath. Apart from that, I have nothing ever to say to you. You have zero credibility!

  4. First you give a a platform to announce her FAKE pregnancy
    Next you give her a platform to bully, intimidate and mock me – knowing the truth.

    Shame on you NBC!

    I will never give in!

  5. I think it‘s funny how she also said in this interview that she wants people to think about what they‘re buying while she is the face of maybellin. Maybellin is still not cruelty free and abusing, killing and testing on animals.

  6. Was thinking about purchasing something from her brand but I saw the price….. A pair of joggers is $425?!?! When she said luxury she meant it

  7. I love that she’s making luxury and makes it very clear that the items are a luxury. It’s so much more sustainable than when celebs have fast-fashion/makeup/skincare brands just to make quick money 🙄


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