Gift giving crows – World’s Weirdest Events: Episode 5 – BBC Two

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 Programme website: In Seattle, a young girl has made an unlikely group of friends – a group of crows who hang out in her garden and regularly bring her gifts.

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  1. it was only about 12 years ago or so that i started to realize how smart other animals can be, i never would have though birds to be capable of these things i have been seeing these last few years. there is a video here on youtube where a couple of birds lure two cats together and tricked them into fighting. it was clear that the birds planned this and worked as a team to make that happen, then they sat back and watched the cats fight.

  2. Crows are highly intelligent and when they feel loved and there's good people providing tasty food they will dedicate themselves to you and honor you

  3. I'm sorry but watching a crow use a small stick, to get a rock from a cage, to then use said rock, the only thing big enough at the time to push over a longer stick that it used to get food was amazing that's genuinely incredible.

  4. 20 CASES in the entire world???? Not much science behind your story professor and possibly 20 coincidences out of billions of people?

  5. My friend feeds the seagulls outside her window and they leave bits of shells and rocks for her, sometimes bits of stick, moss and lichen are left behind for her as a thank you.

  6. Iv'e been feeding them reguarly,after blowing off my driveway, where I have been laying out crackers, I came out the next morning to spread more out , I found a small bulb casing, like a blinker sized bulb about the size of your finger tip. Pretty cool.

  7. I'd love to do this to make friends with crows but I can't since my neighbors and family members see them as a pest and will find any excuse to kill them.

  8. A former colleague's parents sometimes fed crows with leftover bread etc. After some time they found an earring that they had no idea had disappeared, sure enough, only one earring was in some long forgotten jewelry box. They gave the birds more food after that.

    Not a sunshine story though: the crows started bringing chrome flakes from neighbor car enthusiasts (renovating 50es and 60es cars) and screws etc from their toolboxes so they decided to stop.

  9. Fun facts: Crows are as smart as a human 4 year old AND they actually have a visual and auditory memory far superior to that of humans. They can see you once, then see you for the second time years later, and remember you. They also possess keen time keeping capabilities. They’re among the most incredible animals on the planet. Not only do I love crows, and most animals, but I have a crow where I work who I saw one day on a lamp pole and threw him a crust of bread from my lunch. He quickly ate it. And everyday at my lunchtime he would appear at the same time, on the same lamp pole, to correspond with my lunch break time, because he knew he’d get a bit of something. I named him Crowley 😂 and I love him❤️

  10. I have crows that visit my yard almost every morning. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to form a bond with them! Maybe they’ll even give me gifts! Currently though, they’re quite skittish.

  11. As cool, smart and nice as crows are, if you mistreat them they will go after you. And get their friends to as well. So remember to always be nice to them.

  12. They also are jealous. A crow befriended me and when he left I struck up a friendship with a scrub jay, water , food etc. A few months later my crow came back and dive bomef the crap out of my scrub jay driving him off

  13. Jesus Christ is God, Lord and saviour. He can help you. If she is a women she better stop wearing men’s clothing!!! It would be an abomination

  14. I have crows and magpies that squawk and peer at me through the window when their dish is empty. And until this video I didn’t realize that the rocks and feathers on my doorstep was actually a gift from them so now i feel extra special!

  15. inmates in prison feed crows with every opportunity they get because the crows might smuggle stuff from the outside into the prison for them. usually they bring mostly junk but sometimes theyll bring good stuff like cutlery, sparkplugs, and watches. only crows/ravens can do this, no other bird.

  16. Crows are wonderful yet often misunderstood birds. Unlike most birds, they live in large family groups and bring back and share whatever food they find with each other. This makes it easy to see how they'd bring little gifts to humans with which they feel a connection.

  17. Recently met 4 groups of crows.
    One of the two groups at work, like to leave moss at the door or high up near where I work… the moss on the IBCs so high up and so much got my attention compared to a few bits on the floor… must be the nuts chips and sandwiches I offer when I see or hear them shout.

  18. There is a story in the Bible of Elijah the prophet who fled from an angry king into the wilderness and was fed twice daily by crows:

    [1 Kings 17:4-6 NASB20] (4) "And it shall be that you will drink from the brook, and I have commanded the ravens to provide food for you there." (5) So he went and did [everything] according to the word of the LORD, for he went and lived by the brook Cherith, which is east of the Jordan. (6) And the ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and bread and meat in the evening, and he would drink from the brook.

  19. I once befriended a wild Crow at my job. Every break I would run outside to call him and he wouldn’t disappoint. Eventually he flew to a low tree branch just ten feet from me but I couldn’t get any closer. We had a wonderful three year relationship as he would always welcome me every morning at work. I don’t understand why he liked me because I never did give him food, perhaps curiously.

  20. *30 reported cases. It's actually more common than you think. Corvids thrive off of bonds and are socially opportunistic. The Ravens and wolves in Yellowstone is a great example, too!

  21. I guess it's "weird", but not really. Crows will bring me presents because I feed them. It's basically their way of saying "thank you for feeding us". 🕊️

  22. not the only.. had a friend at a gravel pit once that brought me a gold chain..used to hand feed him/her..him.. fellow worker had lost it 3 days before..favorite was cheese..friend was them the's primal..he nailed me ..but any thing else he was gentle with..4yrs..wonder if he would still recognize me..

  23. Yes, I have two that come when I call. Certainly a pair, always together. Have left me gifts on several occasions. Two figs several times. Always perfect ones! Impossible for them to blow into my courtyard. Their last gift a shiny sweet wrapper, again impossible for it to get where it was by any other means, but being dropped from above. I am convinced it is their way of saying thank you. I am grateful for their intelligence and friendship.

  24. I just recently got my first gift from my crows. It was a seed pod with a rattling seed in it. I leave peanuts on my windowsill and they exchanged the seed pod with the peanuts. They've also left pieces of colored glass for me. They follow me from tree branch to tree branch and I have a very strong relationship with several of them. The stellers jays will fly into my bedroom window and land on my bed. I also have a family of raccoons that come to my window at night and every new season there are babies that the mothers feel comfortable enough to allow to feed at my windowsill. I sort of think the birds know that this is a safe place for the neighborhood animals.

  25. I’ve got crows all around my backyard. I don’t feed them. Just the little guys. I am on the flight path between the town lake & duck pond.
    My last gift was an acorn 💝

  26. OK I don't feed the crows but I don't dislike them either. Last week I was walking through my woods here in central GA and I heard a thud sound right next to me. I looked and there was a chunk of red meat laying on the ground a little bigger than a golf ball. I looked up in the tree next to me just in time to see a crow fly off. WEIRD! I thought he dropped it by accident, but crows generally don't let you get anywhere near them! I thought of the Bible story of the RAVENS feeding Elijah for months bringing him meat. Anything is possible.


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