GETTING READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS | shopping & decorating, baking cookies, my Christmas wishlist (2021)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS Y’ALL!!! Today I’m decorating my apartment, baking cookies, and sharing my Christmas/holiday wishlist and gift ideas 🙂
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00:00 – welcome // festive montage, getting my fav holiday Starbucks drink
01:50 – a message from Gymshark (& try on haul) ♡
04:05 – apartment update
06:48 – holiday decor HAUL 🙂
11:18 – decorating my apartment (a little – but it’s a start!)
13:43 – baking my favorite holiday cookies (recipe & tutorial)
19:20 – my Christmas/holiday wishlist 2021: a presentation.
30:58 – closing remarks (for real ones only)

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Comment (198)

  1. Yeeees, perfect for my study break! I love watching your videos between my study sessions and sometimes while studying. For some reason they always give a huge productivity boost! ^^

  2. Okay so I'm missing the holiday season this year because I moved to Egypt for a while and we don't really celebrate it here. So the fact that Hannah made a 30 min video with holiday season content is just what I needed🥺 my comfort person comforting me just in time once again❤

    Post watching the vlog: I'm a real one obviously. I never used to celebrate the holiday season as it's not a part of my culture. However my aunt (not blood related but chosen family) does and she started hosting christmas dinners and I started coming over a few days before they take place so I can help her decorate, make the food and design a menu. To me the holiday season is a celebration of people. Even though we come from different backgrounds it brings us together. So yeah that's why it's sad that I can't be there this year 🙁 Loved the vlog btw thank you for still giving me all the Christmas vibes❤

  3. hi babes (she says in her adele voice) u are just glowing and u look so so happy and it is so nice seeing u just truly living it up 🥺 ahhh happy holidays, sending u all the good Christmas vibes. hope you’re staying warm and cozy! 🎄🤍

  4. I don't celebrate Christmas, but… I think an Amazon wishlist video for my channel, would be a great idea. It can be useful for my birthday, right? 🤔🤣❤ p.s your presentation looks so pretty! 😍

  5. The inheritance games is really good and if you watched the movie knives out and liked it you’ll like this book!!!! Also if you haven’t watched knives out you should bc it’s fantastic

  6. Oh my my… I've been holding myself and have not started with holidays vibe, but THEN Hannah comes like Elsa from Frozen screaming and singing "Let it go!" right in my face and now I a m d o o m e d

  7. I’m a real one!
    So in my family it is ever apparent that Christmas is literally my favourite holiday ever. My birthday is New Year’s Eve so technically “everyone celebrates it” but I love Christmas so much because so many people get into the Christmas cheer and celebrate with lights and decorations it just makes my heart happy! I love the vibes from Christmas and the whole aspect of decorating, seeing family and watching Christmas movies! (And can’t forget about presents🥰)

  8. Hannah, the first time I found out about you and your channel was during your vlogmas last year with the Trader Joe's haul vlog. I have binge watched your past videos since then and followed you on your socials. I have always been a silent viewer but I just can't believe it's only been a year, I feel like I've been watching you forever! 😂 Anyway, I'm SUPER excited for your holiday content! ❤️

  9. Hannah, i can only speak from my experience but you literally saved my life with the power point templates idea! Forever grateful hahaha
    Cannot wait for all the Christmas content!❤️

  10. You look so pretty with that brown hoddie I’m in love with your hair and your makeup. Thank you for making me feel the holiday vibes while I stress over finals haha ❤️

  11. In my country and my religion we don't have this holiday season like we're not even celebrate christmas but YOU MAKE ME SO EXİTED ABOUT ALL ABOUT IT!! THIS VIDEO IS ALL MY DAY <3

  12. I literally LOVE Christmas music idc what anyone says. Yes i work retail, and yes i know it starts playing after thanksgiving BUT i will have that music blasting in the store until mid January!!!!!!!

  13. Hey Hannah, you're a real one!
    Here's a Christmas story and tradition that my family does: My grandma (mom's side) used to have my mom and us grandkids over right before Christmas to make lefsa! That was a long time ago. It was a lot of fun to do, and we still make it to this day! Lefsa consists of mashed potatoes and flour rolled flat and cooked on a hot griddle! It's so yummy to put real butter and sugar on it and then fold it.


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