Getting a Cast at Boston Children’s Hospital

Getting a cast be intimidating for kids. Watch how easy it is in this video, as it takes you step by step through getting a cast at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Learn more about cast care and maintenance:

Watch a video on having a cast removed:

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  1. Could have used this video when I was a kid and broke my leg.i was so scared but our hospitals are so rushed if you go for free care they didn’t have time to walk me through it.also it does hurt to go on unfortunately but only if you have a broken bone.

  2. This has sure changed since I was s child. Back then it was a messy job to put on and the outer has two layers that were like chalk like and powder went everywhere and you didn’t have a under layer Nor were you awake when it went it was done while on the operating table.

  3. When I got a cast twice as a kid I wasn't allowed to choose any colour😂😭😭 they just gave me white and I was so dam disappointed 😂😂

  4. I got an Cast in Kindergarten bec 2 boys fight i want to stopp the fight and one of tehm pushed down to an rock and my arm Fall in the Rock.. i got injured but not Broken

  5. In the first scene I see that the Boston Children’s Hospital is the one in Waltham and I was like mh it feels like I know that place then i remember that I live right down the street from it XD

  6. They do such cool stuff with casts now. When I was 7, I broke my elbow and I had the lime green cast. Now they had different colors and designs. I have no recollection of wearing it, as that was 25 years ago, but I’ve worn some on my wrists in my teenage years.


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