Genome Editing with CRISPR-Cas9

This animation depicts the CRISPR-Cas9 method for genome editing – a powerful new technology with many applications in biomedical research, including the potential to treat human genetic disease. Feng Zhang, a leader in the development of this technology, is a faculty member at MIT, an investigator at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research, and a core member of the Broad Institute. Further information can be found on Prof. Zhang’s website at .

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Images and footage courtesy of Sputnik Animation, the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Justin Knight and pond5.

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  1. Nothing around us is natural we built everything around us food, houses,bed, cars our lifestyle that is changing human biology. We do surgery transplantation, it's not natural either that person supposed to be dead according to nature but we denied it. She did cosmatic surgery nature didn't give her that .. so my point is it's just fast forwarding evolution and if it's beneficial it must be done instead of banning by councils who are too reluctant to create a policy to regularise it. It's just who we are as a species, creating tools to become better and better everyday

  2. Look at the graphene structure, 6 points, 6 lines, and many of these sixes. That's the mark of the beast 666. Also what can cause pain (Revelation 16:10) and “a noisome and grievous sore” (Revelation 16:2)? Only something medicinal can cause these. Not a chip implant.

  3. Here we are in 2021 when "patch" to our DNA is being distributed via trial jabs (in trial until 2023) wrongly called vaccines against covid 19. Once injected, you're no longer "pure blood". Youe're like a … zombie, robot? You pick. Welcome to New World Order. It will be just worse…

  4. @-innoilin

  5. Do we not see here, how the scientists of today, have created not only viruses such as COVID-19 but created mutants that they include in their vaccines? There will be severe judgment for those who follow an evil agenda through biotechnology and genome editing.

  6. The animation is fantastic but I always wonder what it truly looks like… I bet it would be life changing if there was any way to be able to witness the process with one's own eyes, or merely witnessing DNA itself. Even knowing how life occurs and what constitutes it, it's still all so undeniably wondrous.

  7. You people will have the blood of millions and millions of people on your hands because you will mess allot of people up testing on them. You will be ashamed one day because of your science and playing god when you meet the real God!

  8. Powerful people always want the best to be utilized at their advantage, I’m sure nowadays with vaccines all over the place I would’ve be surprised if anything is getting “adjusted” in us.

  9. The possibility to benefit humanity to a degree previously incomprehensible.
    ( And tragically, the complete antithesis will also most certainly manifest…inevitable.)

  10. I still don’t trust the Scientists or the Medical Glutton industry. I see so many dropping like flies after this MRNA jab, they mislabeled a Vaccine.

    Glad to see some info been put out there, so people can understand, there’s such secrecy around the mislabeled, blank information pages in boxes containing the jab, thus raising even more questions along with the push for them been cloaked in suspicion.
    Is this video about what they hope to achieve or what they have achieved ? Where’s the mention of blood clots etc , that wasn’t mentioned yet that’s a huge issue with the jabs been given.. This all seems mans desire to manipulate & control others, been put in control , making the person very traceable. I’m still for Freedom which is our birth right .. I’m not in favor of manipulation of human DNA etc. I don’t want to be a A1 – transhumance and that appears to be what they trying to achieve. I think we should have the right to choose what we feel is best for us.

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  12. It's still seems unbelievable, I am now totally free from herpes through the help of Dr Itepu on YouTube channel, thank you so much sir, for helping me I will forever be grateful to you Sir.

  13. How about no fucking thank you. Keep your eugenics in a locked box forever. This shit is tampering the code that we were made to have and it's exactly what the fallen angels want. You just love fucking with God's creations don't you? Trying to remove the soul from our body's so we can't go to Heaven when the Rapture comes.


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