Gavin Magnus – Save Me (Official Music Video)

Gavin Magnus – Save Me (Official Music Video)

The song is about feeling like you can’t move on, and it’s about being stuck in the same emotions and not knowing how to process them. I want it to represent that it’s ok to not be ok. I wrote it during a very tough night, and I hope it’s as close to you as it is to me.

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Guitarist: Cody Randall

Drummer: Daniel Gallardo

Directed & Edited by:
Brian Hartwig

Music Production:
Andrew Lane


Facebook: @GavinMagnus
Instagram: @gavinmagnus
Twitter: @GavinMagnus1
SnapChat: @GavinMagnus
Tik Tok: @GavinMagnus

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  1. Yooooooooooooo, sick beat and song. This man is gonna on the same stage as jb one day. Real soon actually, and Gavin can you make a song out of a song I wrote it quite good

  2. Hey Gavin! I just wanted to say that this song is fire 🔥. All of your songs are amazing! I hope your ok! Your the best! I think we can all agree that when you upload your videos and songs we remain speechless and it make our days better! I am so proud of you! I got inspired to keep writing and singing songs after a tough time in my life this year. Thanks so much ❤️🎶🎤 I am a huge fan

  3. Hi Gavin I have been watching you since you started YouTub I I'm a big fan I love your YouTube videos and I love your songs and you songs help me fore what I am going through and please don't listen to the haters because you have fans that love you and you have friends that love you and you have family that love you and please don't give up 🖤💓🖤🖤🖤💔 from your biggest fan 💞🖤💞

  4. Justin Bieber needs to do something better in the future before this star rapper passes him. Actually Gavins to talented so he’s probably going to beat Justin Bieber in the future with ease. Come at him Bieber you ain’t got no chance up against a real rapper.

  5. It’s not about Gavin though it’s about me and my best friend. I think Gavin already saw it on Instagram. But for the rest of y’all I’ll tell you. Only if 13 thousand likes appears by tomorrow when I wake up.

  6. Thank you for making this song. It’s really relatable. Over the last about year and a half I’ve struggled with mental health and it had gotten better for a while but lately my mental health has been bad again and this song honestly helped a lot with feeling less alone and just helpe in general. I’m now going to listen to this on loop for the rest of the day

    Also it’s gonna be so cool being able to say you’ve been here since the beginning when Gavin becomes one of the most popular singers in the world.

  7. Watching videos of him when he was little to now, 🥲 he’s so grown up (even if we’re both the same age) I remember watching videos of him and he has aspired and succeeded to make amazing music

  8. I'm so happy for Gavin because I have seen him evolving but I think he really has changed only God knows wether its good or not but I'm happy to see that after any struggles life put you through your not letting go of your dream


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