GAME OF THE YEAR! CRAZY ENDING!!! Steelers vs. Chargers

The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Los Angeles Chargers during Week 11 of the 2021 NFL season.

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Comment (302)

  1. Reminds me of so many Chargers games back in the Air Coryell era! Whew, lighting up the scoreboard on both sides, luckily the Chargers won an almost-must-win game! Bolt Up, Baby!

  2. I like how they showed the petty foul on Ben but not the punch the Steelers’ Hayward did to Herbert (after the play) on his huge running play. Cry me a river Steelers that’s what y’all get for celebrating too early. Go tie a game against the worst team in the nfl again. (Lions)

  3. Whatever happens this season I believe this is it for Big Ben if he walks away his next stop surely will be the HOF he really has nothing left to prove. Cause the Steelers Super Bowl dreams are not gonna happen anytime soon.

  4. anyone catch Ben after the last knee crying to the ref over something? "but he called me a poo poo head! that had to be a flag good enough for a 1st down, right?" 😂😂

  5. In San Diego they'd have lost this game 34-37. They just have to get to a Super Bowl and I might consider that there is a cure for snakebites. Or else this is just the normal great team that Chargers can pull together once a decade who will disappear into NFL history

  6. There you go Mike Tomlin your draft picks your team aren’t they awesome these are the people that you picked for the Pittsburgh Steelers did you give them a gold badge for showing up like they got their whole lives Tom and you need to go Mike Tomlin you need to go Steelers fans are tired of losers

  7. He was vaccinated and still got break thru covid!! There is no.long term studies for this.jab but by all means you have a right to put whatever you want in your own body just don't force it on others!!!!!

  8. Steelers get bopped in the first half so I stopped watching. Check in a while later and see steelers winning 37-34. Screaming internally, I turn the game back on and as soon as i start watching again the steelers immediately choke and get bopped yet again. Whyyyyyyyy

    GG chargers, hope you win your division

  9. Too many Steelers injured – Heyward played the game of the year. Bolts had 2 serious hits to the head that were no calls – took out Najee at crucial point. O line continues to be a liability.

  10. Well it wouldn't be a game if could always predict the outcome and not very exciting if predictable an not somekind of challenge. Interesting to watch. STEELERS! even losing is crazy. LOL! GO STEELERS🖤🧡.

  11. I gotta tip my hat to mike Tomlin. He takes a lot of heat as a head coach from Steelers fans but this dude almost had his team win a major comeback without 4 of their best players at each skill position on defense. Big Ben played his best game yet this year , Steelers aren’t out of this yet , off to the bengals.


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