Galaxy Z Fold4: Introducing Galaxy Z Fold4 Cases ǀ Samsung

Introducing the all-new Galaxy Z Fold4’s cases. Whether you need toughness, luxury, serenity or to flex your style, we have it all for your Galaxy Z Fold4. What will you choose? For more information, visit:

00:00 Intro
00:07 S Pen at the ready: Standing Cover with Pen
00:25 Feel the craftsmanship: Leather Cover
00:37 Propped up for a good view: Slim Standing Cover
00:50 Handled and protected in style: Silicone Grip Cover
01:00 Detailed view of the Galaxy Z Fold4 with the Cover
01:11 Outro

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Comment (148)

  1. High time to STOP providing useless Exynos at higher price.
    Go for Snapdragon 870 in midrange now. Competition bringing 8+gen1 phones in 45K segment. Start upgrading your SoCs
    Don't provide 888, 8gen1.
    8+ gen 1 is the right processor.

  2. Such pathetic service for a 1.5 lakh phone. Never going to buy Samsung ever And not even going to let my friends buy it.

    Warranty is completely rejected of Fold3 due to an imaginary nano hairline line on the body. Cheats Samsung people are.

    Such arrogance at all Delhi NCR service centre’s, they treat you like a beggar.

  3. Got the slim case with the stand and the leather one. While I like the stand feature, the case is bulky. I prefer the leather one as is slimmer and classy

  4. Stop I am getting iretated everyday cuz of this. I have 3 and now 4 is available with more features. The battery of the device 3 does not stay for a long time, it ends quickly, is the 4 the same? Also is the case 4 fit for 3 too?


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