Galapagos: Realm of Giant Sharks

In the far reaches of the Galapagos archipelago there is a remote island – Darwin Island. Here, a mysterious parade of giant whale sharks passes by. All of them are pregnant females, about to give birth. What has drawn them here? Where are they going?

Galapagos: Realm of Giant Sharks follows a group of researchers who have travelled out to Darwin Island to begin following these dinosaurs of the sea wherever they travel across the globe. But placing satellite tracking devices on giant sharks is not always easy. Steel spear tips bounce off, dangerous currents intervene, and the sharks can deliver bone-crushing swipes with their tails.

In an exciting blend of science and natural history filmmaking, Galapagos: Realm of Giant Sharks uses action-packed, high-resolution photography to draw audiences into the world of one of the ocean’s largest and least understood creatures.

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  1. I thought this was excellent.  I knew Whale Sharks existed, but pretty much nothing past that.  Now, you have given me an easy remedy to that.

    AS far as the space vs biological or geological focus of the documentaries go, I love both.  I hope you keep making and posting both, I will happily watch anything of this caliber on your channel.  The notion of a new one every month is great news, and I look forward to watching all of them.

    Since it seems as though you might not be making and releasing biology videos on this channel, because of a slight negative reaction in contrast to the outer space content, perhaps you should make another channel. ScienceRip or something, so we can still see your biology and geology videos, and the people who are only interested in the space stuff can get what they're after from this specific channel. IF you do that, let us know about the other channel, so we may immediately sub to it.

    Thanks SpaceRip.  You are far and away the best channel on youtube.

  2. I like this channel a lot its very fact based, I feel like a lot of documentarys today are just for entertainment and what I like to call the "ooooo" …."aaaaaa"  effect.
    This channel is one of the best and any documentary that is full of information and facts is welcomed greatly by me ^^

  3. I want to thank @***** for the excellent videos that don't necessarily give you answers, but leave you with more questions! Science at its best!

  4. hats off to all the film dudes chilling in the water with a bunch of freaking monsters with raiser sharp teeth. i mean seriously how do u not freak out, brave people, a lot braver then myself (*^-‘) 乃

  5. Awesome documentary! Putting The History (I mean swamp people channel) and Discovery (I mean the logging channel) to shame!!! Keep it comin SpaceRip! Missed ya last few months.

  6. Great program. Just wanted to share that the most recent edition of American Scientist (July-August, 2015, vol. 103) has an article on the same topic ("Shark Trails of the Eastern Pacific" by A. Peter Klimley, pg. 276-283). It's almost a companion piece to the video.

  7. As a person who is on his journey to start freediving. This is a beautiful video, as most people don't appreciate it, they have never experienced anything to really appreciate it. Space or Sea, both are vast abysses of which we are slowly learning and both are equally entertaining. Amazing video!

  8. When it comes to fish I prefer small bottom feeders and just using shark fins for decoration not only makes my blood boil but is an extreme waste of food that could go to poor people

  9. The people who are bashing this channel for not uploading amazing, high quality, free documentaries about your preferred region of space should take a deep breath and try to wrap their mind around the fact that our planet and everything on it is inextricably part of all space of the universe.

    Quit spitting this gift horse in the mouth and enjoy some other beautiful parts of reality besides cgi galaxies. If Richard Feynman could see these narrow minded, tunnel visioned comments he'd be shaking in his boots.

    The ocean is at least as much unknown and unexplored as our solar system is.

  10. Spacerip, I have been subbed to you for years. Never ever change. Do whatever it is you want to do, show whatever it is you want to show. I love all types of information. Thank you for existing

  11. Thank you for always bringin such quality content. If i can feel like this when watching this kind of videos, i bet all kinds of people around the world really enjoy it as well, maybe inspiring some or giving a little guidance to others. Simply amazing.

  12. I thought this video was very interesting and extremely fascinating even though I was cringing the whole time while watching the ginormous sharks pass by the divers. It's good to take a break sometimes from all the out-of-this-world content and get more down to earth 🙂

  13. I loved your experiment with aquatic life… I love your videos..!!! Just a suggestion…may be you could form a new special channel called as  maybe "AquaRip" for such beautiful videos. I just loved this video. Good Work!

  14. Watching this documentary just proved how little we know about the whale shark. It vindicated the notion that we know more about the space above our heads than the one beneath our feet. The whole documentary is mainly about tagging the whale shark alone with very little information dish out on its other behaviour. Hopefully, this project could unearth more information about this gentle giant.

  15. SpaceRip I just wanted to comment real quick because I havent done so in the past but have been an avid follower of pretty much ALL your videos ive seen.  I love them all! 
    Galapagos is so exciting thanks for sharing this with me.  I will promote your channel to my friends and what not.  I just wanted to say thank you for all the information, so amazing and thanks for all the 4k videos the picture is breathtaking.  

    One of the best channels on youtube period.  (at least that I know of!!)

  16. We love sharks…such misunderstood creatures, so it was a pleasure to watch this well-done video from our home in the Galapagos! Thanks for posting!

  17. There is a strong probability that Whale Sharks are not the largest fish ever to live. (As the show claims) Seems megalodon would be comparable and ancient (also filter feeding) fish were likely as large if not much larger.

  18. 300 million years eh? Do you really believe that anything has that much time? Darwin was and is a wicked liar. And member of secret societies – as was his father.
    God made those incredible beings. God. Not time and accident.
    How utterly ridiculous to believe in Darwin.
    Any artist will tell you that machines and mechanics make dull things without colour or pattern. But an artist uses all the colour in his palette and expresses himself and makes (hopefully); the world more beautiful as a result.
    Evolution produces beauty and pattern and design and form? How can anything without a soul become beautiful or create beauty?
    If you believe that Darwin and his "theory" are what created you and all the colours of a rain forest or coral reef then you need to go look in the mirror and wake up.
    And ask – who would be so wicked as to deceive you? And turn you away from the true nature of God. Separate and apart from religion.
    God is love. But the choices of love are no compromise. As God's only son showed us so well. This aint no hippie commune. The choices of love are hated and despised by many. Truth. Justice. Kindness. Decency. Integrity. honesty. Generosity.
    Jesus Christ is the real deal folks. Religion is a construct of the establishment – designed to turn you away from personally knowing God and his great love for you.
    Don't let them turn you away. Enjoy the video above – with new eyes. Knowing in your heart – that someone created these things for you. Out of love.
    But of course. The choices are yours to make – there is no imposition. Just another lie by the pharisees and saduccees Jesus warned us about.
    Dare to start a new way of thinking. One that your heart knows is the TRUTH. Not a wicked lie meant to deceive and destroy you.

  19. I am more willing to say that iguanas where stuck on That island cause millions of years ago the island was part of a continent. Not that they floated on a raft lmao! Notice how filter feeders are not aggressive? Karmas a B….


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