G-Class history – Mercedes-Benz original

Volker Leutz, Mercedes-Benz Designer, and Michael Bock, the Head of Mercedes-Benz Classic, discuss the challenges faced when updating the G-Class. Namely, continuously improving the vehicle while remaining true to the original idea.

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  1. Got to drive a 2013 G63 the other day at the Mercedes – Benz dealership I work at. The G63 is an absolute monster. The sound the exhaust makes upon startup and when tapping the gas pedal will rip your face off. I will definitely be an owner of a G-Class.

  2. Fantastic SUV, nothing like splashing in the rain and snow while everyone is driving at 30 km/h – it's not for the faint of heart nor conformist…. The G has a massive cult following and will continue to do so for many more years to come. Nothing comes close to an AMG G Wagon.

  3. Mercedes Benz G Class, this is what I call an original car. With the history, the mb g class is capable going off-road with combing luxury in the car. Mercedes Benz G class, the longest living mercedes benz to be respected.


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