Future Needs Heritage | Episode 1: Bertha’s great adventure

In 1886, Carl Benz invented the automobile. Two years later, his wife Bertha Benz took on the first long-distance trip. It was a trip of around 100 kilometres, characterised by strong confidence in the Patent Motor Car. The trip became the departure point of the future of mobility. Read more about Bertha Benz’ adventure: http://mb4.me/berthas-adventure. Don’t miss the next episode and subscribe to Mercedes-Benz on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MercedesBenzTV />
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  1. funny how she asks the F015 to take her to Pforzheim, which is Germany of course and then they show the car travelling through a desert road in the US! Guess the car has flying capabilities as well!

  2. Actual situation Tell i prepar the wife and other come to take it tomorow come back Tell make me Like yesterday ( i dont Like bitch for this im specefic in my choose make your dream possible i dont have nothing now to make 📻🎶

  3. did she really take off on first her trip with her two sons seen other Stories where she was by her self and it broke down and she had too fix it ?


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