Further Up Yonder: A Message from ISS to All Humankind

NASA Television shares this inspiring production by Italian videomaker, Giacomo Sardelli, about the International Space Station, its inhabitants, and its role in space exploration. Sardelli writes of the video, “I’m not the first one to use NASA’s pictures taken from the International Space Station to craft a Timelapse video. You can find many of them on the Internet, that’s where my inspiration came from. What I wanted to do, though, was to look beyond the intrinsic beauty of those pictures, and use them to tell a story and share the messages sent by the astronauts who worked on the station in the last 11 years.”

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  1. That's true. But almost all of the politicians in our world are interested in military actions because they think about state security. It seems that they don't understand how not to be afraid each other and don't waste so much money.

  2. In todays society it is cool to be dumb. You are not looked upon when being intelligent.
    The dumber you are, the more "followers" you have.
    World is going to shit and I just hope I'm dead before I see this happen.

  3. As long as there are governments around the world that impose these imaginary boundaries on maps that don't really exist in reality, there can be no true peace. We are not Americans, or Russians, or Chinese…we are humans. We have to break from these arbitrary identities all nations indoctrinate their citizens with… #anarchy #peace #voluntaryism

  4. 53 487 views thus far. Yet Gangnam style hits a thousand views more than this in the same amount of days from upload. That is sad. If only humankind can be interested in this kind of information as much as entertainment. I hope all humans start to see the potential in themselves.

  5. when i watch this i am happy and sad. I am happy for what we have done. But i am sad when you think of how far the space program went during the apollo program, in less then 10 years we got to the moon. You think where we would be right now if the space program got the funding now as they did then. Then Obama went out and said Space is a waist of time and tried to cancel nasa. Space is the future, our planet is beautiful. As Mr.Makedon3c said, Earth is beautiful but people are out of their minds

  6. If we have no faith in humanity, what's the point in living? It's a loser's perspective (no offense intended). The only way to succeed is to have the imagination to see how things could be and pursue that vision relentlessly. That's how winning is done. It's not guaranteed; but, it's possible. And that makes it worthwhile because a chance of success is far better than guaranteed failure.

  7. Nemo 16 mission to the asteroid 99942 Apophis in 2029. Invest resources to gain more resources. Harvesting asteroids or at least trying to make it possible opens up options. Tons of valuable rare metals and if you're lucky rich in hydrogen like asteroid Vesta. Fuel? So people can travel to space, make some money, and not kill the ecosystem maybe? C'mon lets be positive 😀 and think outside the box.

  8. all humans do need to realize that Our PLANET's future largely depend on how we treat it today, instead of focusing on building mass-destructions, creating conflicts among us, why cant we focus working together to preserve our one-n-only EARTH, we spend millions/billions searching the infinite galaxy/universe to realize that there is nothing like what WE HAVE HERE, we are all co-habitants of this one special planet, if we can all learn to make it a better harmonious place to live, just a thought

  9. I have faith in humanity; even if humanity has no faith in itself. We must find our humanity if we are to evolve beyond our present stage of evolution. We put a label on ourselves and call ourselves (whatever), but we never call ourselves what we really are. We are just humans after all.

  10. One hundred years ago great scientists, dreamers and people alike can only dream and imagine the great power of flight, especially over our amazing planet. Living in such spectacular times with a few clicks and touches of a screen, I can view, feel and experience such a perception. Wow how far have we gone!
    But in reality we have only discovered the shores of a beach that unveils a vast ocean, gracefully picking up pebbles at the shore like Newton once exhilarated.

  11. yes, Humanity is real, but there isn't a god, at least to a probability of 99% against. If you think otherwise, show me how much evidence there is now compared with over 3500 years ago. I will tell you, none! Now please, don't spoil the beauty that is Earth by poisoning it with gods. Just read about general relativity, inflationary cosmology and quantum physics, also evolution, to properly understand life and the universe

  12. you are wrong about one point. Spending all this money searching our origins in the Universe we realized that our planet is, beyond every doubt, one of the millions like-Earth in the Galaxy, and billions of the Universe. I do, and many scientists believe also, that the Universe if full of life.
    This change radically our view. In a way, humanity would fell a kind of responsability. We had a " gift "( not only us ) , and we are to take care of it.

  13. but..what's the purpose of winning? And what's the purpose of failure?

    I mean..i really liked this video, and I wish i coud have some faith in humanity, but every time you stop and look around..all you see is destruction, segregation and suffering. There's no point in living if we have no faith in humanity, but for me it seems there's no point in living at all.

  14. So you know there is life other than that on Earth? Unfortunately, there is no evidence of any kind, only a statistical possiblity (the law of averages) If, as you say, there is no doubt, that implies you have proof and you and I both know you don't have it. I do not say there are no other forms of life in the Universe – I don't know – nobody does, not for sure, anyway.

  15. Life and the Universe has nothing to do with any gods. 500 years ago you could be forgiven for using a god to explain things. Now Science, our discoveries and the laws of nature explain. There is no need for gods
    The wonders and beauties of the Earth I appreciate from my basic knowledge (not faith) of cosmology, evolution, genetics that allow me to understand from a reasoned and evidential perspective.
    Come and join those of us already in the 21st century.

  16. we do have proofs. And there are many evidences indeed. Scientists that are working on the Kepler mission agree defining a number of at least 500millions of like – Earth planets in the Milky Way ( you just have to search on the web ). From my point of view matem. is not an opinion. If we have a very very high probability of life somewhere in the universe, so it is. Remember that for every grain of sand on the Earth there are 600millions stars in the universe.

  17. Moreover, if you know about Europa, there are high probability of finding life also there, under the ice surface. This would mean a lot. Two planets with life in just one system.
    Of course it is not sure yet. In some decades Nasa will send a rover to Europa and we will see who was right 🙂

  18. Heh. I used to think like you. Until CERN made a discovery which doesn't prove, but helps to greatly support the theory that an intellegent being (or beings) have had, or still have, something to do with the creation and duration of the universe. Look up the details yourself, since you seem to know how to research into things. The numbers that existed of certain particles are just so exact and to a fine point that you never find such precision nearly anywhere else in nature. Its amazing!

  19. You consider yourself enlightened, yet you laugh at others beliefs? You are FAR from enlightened, friend. Einstein was enlightened. Read some of his writings. It will spark that little brain of yours into proper thinking. It will open up not only your little brain, but your little heart as well. And you will come to find actual enlightenment, little fish.

  20. "Einstein was enlightened. Read some of his writings. It will spark that little brain of yours into proper thinking"
    It was of course a lie what you read about my religious convictions, a lie which is being systematically repeated, I do not believe in a personal god and have never denied this but expressed it clearly, if something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the universe so far as our science can reveal it.
    -Albert Einstein

  21. "It will open up not only your little brain, but your little heart as well. And you will come to find actual enlightenment, little fish"
    The highest form of ignorance is the argue about something (or someone) you know nothing about!
    I am an introverted-intuitive-thinking-perceiving, I have the same personality as Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, and Isaac Newton.
    I suggest learning a little about the character of an individual you attempt to mock you ignorant little fool.

  22. You are the fool, friend! Your previous actions earned you the response I gave you. If this is something you fail to understand, then I offer you back onto your path, for it is not your time yet. Soon, but not yet. I love you. (:

  23. Beautiful and inspirational images but man that light-pollution at night is very disheartening. Those cities are becoming more densely populated by the minute. We are a miraculous specie but on broader inspection, with videos like this, we cannot deny that we share the characteristics of a virus. Not entirely, however, which is a relief. I just hope the masses turn to renewable and recyclable sources in time and in the quantities required to sustain us and all other life forms before our Earth host is passed the point of rescue.


    We need to remind the world that real wealth and treasure and riches can only be truly attained through a positive mental attitude toward ourselves and one another and understand that we (being ALL and every living thing) are one. No hierarchy. It's that simple. The rest will fall into place.

    If you truly love yourself, unconditionally, you will never have reason for conflict. If you truly love the world and everyone on it, unconditionally, you will never have reasons to go to war. The richest man or woman on this planet is the person who knows where their next meal is coming from; who knows where they will be sleeping tonight; who knows that when they sleep, it will be peacefully and with a clear conscience; and when they wake, they embrace the new day surrounded by loved ones; and when they smile, it is genuine and effortless; and when they need, there are loved ones there to provide. The wealthiest man or woman on this planet is the person who loves themselves more than they can ever imagine; so much so that this love overflows onto others and the world; and when they see someone incapable of loving themselves or others, they understand that this impoverished soul was not taught the necessary skills in order to do so; but they also know that it's never too late to re-educate the mind; they also know that it is just as important to be a student as it is to be a teacher; and that sometimes observation can be as profound and fulfilling as participation; and that there is only THIS MOMENT and if you are not content in it then that moment has been needlessly wasted.

    See, we are all capable of being this rich. Yet… poverty, depression, dis-ease, war, and fear prevail, needlessly. WHAT will it take to alter this madness? WHEN will it all change? WHERE will it begin and WHO will be responsible?

    The simple answers;





    ‪#‎MotherEarth‬ ‪#‎LifeIsBeautiful‬ ‪#‎PeopleAreBeautiful‬

  24. Videos like this remind me that we are not races. We are not nationalites. The struggle of a family in Norh Korea is the struggle of families everywhere. The millions starving and homeless in America and around the world is the struggle for humans everwhere. Corporate tools and squabbling governments try to drive us apart, but we cannot falter. We are not our skin colors or our birth places. We are humans. And its time we acted like it.

  25. I watch this at the edge of each year, since it was released. So powerfull
    We are from Space. We are one.
    I love this warm community around human space exploration, and where flat-earth-lers and religious slaughter casts shadow and fear, you people bring light and hope. The 'God' in me greets the 'God' in you – Namaste


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