Funny Laughing Bird on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show- 1976

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The funny bird has the last laugh at Johnny Carson’s expense when Joan Embrey brings a laughing bird on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” in 1976.

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  1. They broke the mold when they made Johnny Carson. Was blessed to grow up watching him. On a tv with picture tubes and 3 channels on a hand dial.

  2. I wasn't a big fan of Carson except the animals and Rodney, but now I never watch late night. Johnny made fun of any politician. Current late night show people are just hateful miserable people.

  3. Watched this clip dozens of time. THIS IS THE 1ST TIME I realized that the very last bird call was tape recorded ahead ….. and Carson milked it perfectly. Rehearsals matter.

  4. I don't think Johnny ever became political like ALL of late night these days. I haven't watched late night since Letterman, and that's a long time ago.

  5. It's not so much the bird can talk but the clarity and enunciation is near human. Joan
    Embrey a great Ambassador for our furry and feathered friends and she was good looking.
    And of course Johnny was the greatest entertainer in the history of Television.

  6. One of these birds was taught to say "Gimme a drink!" He escaped from the Seattle Zoo, and actually flew into a bar, said his line & the owner poured him a whiskey. Was arrested for serving alcohol to a minah….

  7. My Sister was watching the show the one night and Johnny was doing his opening monologue and was not getting any laughs from the audience except for our cockatiel by the name of Chucky who thought they where funny and we didn't teach him to laugh, he must have picked it up from the TV and it was a surprise to us.

  8. Getting birds to talk has always been a problem on the show, but Howard was a very pleasant surprise. Johnny was certainly happy and played it to the hilt.

  9. Johnny Carson was and is the best! Today's "comedic" hosts are just political pawns of the left. Never watched and will never watch.

  10. Igrew up and aged with JOhnny. His show was different each night.lots of laughs and he knew how to get them out of his audience thru his mannerisms and facial expressions.
    There will never be another like him. I miss him so much.

  11. Wow, you can’t compare this to the garbage that is on late night TV now. The opinionated fools who try to shove their political views down everyone’s throats and the nasty, vulgar, low class, guests describing how they hop from bed to bed. Then you also have Jimmy Kimmel who weeps every other show like a jilted high school girl.

  12. I always loved every show when Joan Embery was there and Howard is the star of them all! Even Johnny was excited to have an animal that performed so well, he looked like he wanted to spend more time playing with Howard. A first! 👏👍👍♥️😂


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