Funny Cartoons – Momo and Tulus Ep 14 : MAGIC | Silly Monsters Comedy | Magic Show for Kids

Tulus is singing away to glory when a magic wand falls from the sky. He instantly decides to master being a magician, as he performs his tricks on Momo. Momo is quite impressed with Tulus’s magician skills, unlike his feelings for Tulus’s singing. But oh! Looks like Tulus has gone a bit overboard! Can you guess what happened? Let’s find out!

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About the show:
Momo and Tulus are cute inquisitive monsters who live on another planet and belong to another dimension. These mischievous monsters can unintentionally turn any situation into a series of fun and ridiculous moments, that will leave the audience in splits! Every episode throws an element of surprise at Momo and Tulus from the human world, be it a camera or a magnifying glass, of course, there is no explanation to what the item may be! They’re sure confused, but their curiosity leads them to interact, experiment, play and eventually make these elements a part of their own cool world.

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