Friendship broken with Uber, Metro is my best friend

Hi Guys. This vlog is a mix of conversation with Shreya and my metro journey after about two years.

New Stand Up (Crowd Work) Video Link :

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  1. Ok so pata nhi meri kismat hi itni buri hai sirf ya aur log bhi hai
    Mei roz metro mei travel krti hu mujhe kyu nhi milte gaurav bhaiya
    Kitni baar same places or hote hai gaurav bhaiya ji baad mei vlog mei pta chlta hai kya yaar bhagwan!!!!!

  2. Bhai just started watching your vlogs this week and almost watching daily atleast 10 old vlogs everyday and enjoying keep up the good work aur vikaspuri Sach me jyada views deti hai, samajh rahe ho.

  3. Gaurav bhai Delhi Darshan mein Nehru Place ke baad left side mein Lotus Temple reh gaya. And by the way Bachpan ka pyaar was epic! Best crowd work I’ve seen in a long time😂


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