Frenssu – Late At Night

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Samples: Madonna – Into The Groove

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  1. CALLING ONEPUNCH FANS! please go read the original gag manga, its badly illustrated but goes on quite a bit further than the anime did. Worth the read.

    Oh and Sim i download all your stuff, don't need anymore praise c:

  2. I'm in love with your remixes… You're super talented and I love your channel! Thank you for always uploading great pieces!!! They are super cool to listen to, and I appreciate you working hard!

  3. Can you maybe make a remix of the new steven universe episode's duet in, "The Answer". That'd be awesome, and probably a little challenging for you. But who knows, you are pretty great at this.

  4. Let me tell you that many frenssu song are in my playlist (+gretina songs) : you shall not pass , lady love , hope in my soul , i don't hate you , birthday hero, a story never told , late at night , BMO, tonight ….for years they still in the speakers cause its cleaning my hears when im listening these songs . U make very good french house and music , but french house IS music 😉

  5. Does anyone know what happened to "In The Night", or somewhere along the lines of that? The thumbnail was of lips, and the lyrics were something like "in the night, it felt so right". I really liked this track and recently couldn't find it, so I was wondering if anyone knew.


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