Framing Our LARGE Shipping Container Cutouts!


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Framing the interior of our shipping container home has been a little more difficult than we had originally anticipated. We’re almost done though! In this episode, we figure out how to frame our large shipping container cutouts, enabling us to keep the house as open as possible.

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  1. Hi Guys, I just found your youtube channel about 6:00am this morning, I have been trying to catch up on your posted videos up to now four hours later. I feel like I know you guys now, (lol) I love what you're doing progressing along and the great job turning shipping containers into an off-grid awesome home. Keep up the good work!

  2. The reason your doing so good is you both are great people…down to earth and very loving..…you’re a breath of fresh air!…it’s also very exciting to watch it come together……

  3. The beatifull and nice sincere smile of this Young lady wife is the soul of success with their Project. God bless you guys!!LIKE AND SUSCRIBED from Canary Islands

  4. I was a bit late on this one, but enjoyed it. Please stay with your format of out-takes at the end–I find myself looking forward to them! As long as y'all have fun, I do too!

  5. #LifeUncontained – You just gained a New SUB today…A Meh Wife & I have been watching your Videos all Day as we're currently saving the Money to start this HERCULANEUM TASK ourselves. So it gives us much in-site on the trials, and tribulations that we will facing.

  6. The bomb-shelter or a new generation how many will be unused in 20 years?? at least bomb shelters are under ground hiding their dis use.and hidden these are just waiting for grifeety and on"t that be pretty?

  7. Hi! I just recently started watching ya'll's channel and I must say, I really enjoy it a lot. Ya'll are doing a very awesome job and really good work. I can't hardly wait to see it when it's all finished. Keep up the good work… 😊👍❤

  8. Can't help BUT Notice you lost ur safety hat whylst hoisten th maga beam n-ta place.
    Good thang ur off grid…som do gooder'll show up n drop a fin on ya…

  9. perfect couple beautiful relationship . my Question to this beautiful couple that you have lots of room left between 2 containers on top where you have quite a few windows , why don't you make another room upstairs for you upcoming second daughter or son . just something to think about it , keep it up a great work I love both of your relationship and all the videos .

  10. For strength and stability, framing by 2×4 and 2×6 should be done with nails. I see you using screws almost exclusively. Did you get any help from an architect when you started your project? Open plan is a plus in cramped containers. I compliment you on your courage to begin such a project all by yourselves.

  11. rainy days in NC and found your video on the container home, awesome filming and work. Enjoyed the detailed explanation of certain things during construction so far! I'm sure y'all are motivating ppl to go down this path too, again congrats on great plan.

  12. Wenn man alle Aufwendungen zusammen nimmt, ist es einfacher, schneller und billiger auf die Container zu verzichten und direkt komplett in Holzrahmen-Bauweise zu erstellen.

  13. Been watching all videos from the very first one this week, which you now have that extra 200k+ and climbing quickly. 500k will be here before you know it!!

    Alright, back to watching!

  14. I actually do not believe it, someone is off camera helping, advising, a builder family member or something like that, no-one does this with NO prior knowledge. Great videos, great home build.

  15. I Love the build so far. A strong beam, just next time, 2×4 or 2×6 glue cut a strip of plywood, glue then another 2×4 or 2×6 can bolt or nail as you described. The plywood acts so there is no twisting or sagging, especially the length your going. Excellent so far, amazing you two.

  16. The two of you have restored my faith in marriage. Your secrete? Finding a mate who appreciates your gifts what ever they may be while encouraging you to be YOU! I want my own container home so badly I can taste it. I've wanted one for years. I've had my plans for years. F.inding land I can afford in California that's another story. Thank you so very much for your inspiration.

  17. At the rate you guys are going, Kinsey will be able to get a job as a site foreman on a construction job. She actually does a lot more than they do. It's fun to watch!

  18. When we use to live in the Southeastern area of Texas. We had wild Dewberry plants and I use to make Dewberry Cobbler all of the time. That was fun and Yummy! That is what I thought of when you bring up the wild blackberries. 😀❤

  19. Im SOOOO impressed with you two!! And if Spencer are a newbie at building a home?? I wonder what he'll be able to build/construct when hes a professional!! You two ROCK!! 👍💙❤

  20. The reason your channel is so popular is because how sweet you two are together. I for one like that you both seen so patient and kind. That there aren't cuss words spewing out. I know everything is edited but bless you both for being so great and extremely likeable.

  21. I'm trying to catch up on your videos….you guys deserve not 200k subs, which right now you have 833k, you deserve 2M subs….Spenser is very knowledgeable and McKenzie gives it that comedy touch

  22. Just wondering, did you just get a large load of 2x4x8 footer's and particle board? too keep it easy? or does it take a complicated amount of different size wood and deliveries from Lowe's? curious for myself for future project.

  23. I started at the beginning of your videos. I love watching them. None short of AMAZING! I love you guys intimate moments also… you're too cute. I love Bear also. Can't wait to see the final results.

  24. It's cool to see you say thank you for hitting 200,000 subs when I look at your channel now with 1.28 Million subs! Y'all are doing awesome!!! I have been binge-watching your episodes for the past couple of weeks and have loved every episode. I'm trying to not jump ahead to see how things look now, and just be suprised along the way.

  25. Quick thought. You know how you fine folks have tons of blackberries you could never use? Well there's a company in coastal Oregon that dehydrates blackberries, and they make a killing by packaging and selling them. I think it's called Berrihealth. Anyhow it's a super lucrative option considering small pouches are selling like crazy for about $30 each. I bought some pouches a few years back and they taste fantastic. They are instrumental for certain things like oral cancers, and various other ailments. They sell especially well during the off-season. Just a thought. Anyway please never stop making you vlog. We need them, or else we might have to do something drastic….like work on our own homes. And that's just ridiculous! 😅 Peace and love from Montana. 👍


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