FP3 Highlights | 2021 Qatar Grand Prix

Watch the best bits from the final practice session at the Losail International Circuit ahead of Qatar Grand Prix qualifying.

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  1. Its gonna be Mercedes for the rest of the year. Hamilton will be the next WDC (yawn, boring, boring). This whole Verstappen/Hamilton battle is a joke. We have been all lied to. That Mercedes would win in the end was all carved out from the very beginning. That's what FOM has learned from associating with Netflix. Everything for more viewers! Well, I stopped watching Formula 1! F1 is NOT a sport anymore!

  2. i think we all know what is gonna happen in the first corner, specially crashstappen will be on inside. oink oink. fia, be ready with ambulances and the sweet voice "let the other race, no investigation necessary". and prepare the pockets to get the cashflow from rb. yyyyyhaaaaaaaaaa divebomb time

  3. Lh wil win tommrw
    Max will take 2 nd !! But verstappen will win the next race ! And take 2 nd in the last race of this calendar year ! Finally winning championship !! Mark my words

  4. The fact that your sport talks about not leaving a bigger carbon footprint and all your other happy horseshit that you people go through. And then we watch a sport Racing places where they have human atrocities against the wrong people just for money. Your sport makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. Don't come to America, we don't want you here

  5. На заднеприводной автомобиле нельзя давить на газ, иначе задние ведущие колёса будут активно уволить багажник Вашего автомобиля в сторону от направления движения. Проще говоря, они раскрутят машину вокруг её вертикальной оси.

  6. Если же автомобиль переднеприводной, то, добавив газу, Вы заставите передние ведущие колёса вытянуть за собой и задние колёса, и всю машину в целом.

  7. А работа рулём всегда и везде остаётся прежней. Сначала надо крутить руль в одну сторону (на встречу багажнику, который хочет Вас обогнать), а затем в другую (опять навстречу своему багажнику, который теперь возвращается на место).


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