Flying the Brand New A350xwb.

This is a kind of movie only a pilot can make. A flight from Copenhagen to Washington. It鈥檚 the fifth passenger flight for this plane and it worked perfect. Welcome onboard! 馃槉

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  1. Awesome video! very comfortable to watch, feeling like talking to you in real) A350 is sexy!) Would like to fly this beauty in future…)

  2. Thanks Captain. It was great to see the cockpit views of Airbus 350. Sir if you just show the final part of landing from cockpit just when the plane touches down the ground will be fantastic.

  3. Jee man thank you so much for these videos. They are so awesome to watch and are very exclusive! Thank you again! I really appreciate you taking the time to make these videos for all of us especially during these hard times 馃榾

  4. ja du Bj枚rn dina filmer 盲r kul att se . det roliga att se 盲r alla som nu hade s氓dana reaktioner p氓 din film om vila i cockpit , nu har jag inte sj盲lv l盲st dem . men kan till viss del fatta att folk reagerar men dom f枚rst氓r inte hela bilden . hoppas att nr 3 kommer snart s氓 trafiken 枚kar .

  5. Please don't use the wide angle lens, it distorts the image and it makes it hard to watch the video….it might be ok for an intro to make it interesting but not for the main video.

  6. Aviation is finished! Now you need to know (and like) about computers. This is so sad! Pilots turned "flight system's operators" having a keyboard in front of them just like in an office job!

  7. I have never flown before, but you make me feel confident about one day getting on a plane. I love how you interact with other people, and I appreciate getting to see everything from the pilot's seat. Quite the view! No wonder you seem so happy and humble all the time in your videos!

  8. A question I have been asking myself for quite some time:
    Why do airplanes like this one often fly at cruising altitude at 40000 ft. only 260 knots? On flightradar24 I often observe airplanes at this altitude with 450 knots. Does it depend on the wind etc.?

  9. great videos many thanks for the insight and info, one thing what's wondering me is that miles, feet, kilometers and meters are used e.g. flight level in feet and runway in meters and temperatures in Celsius, not Fahrenheit, a mix between imperial and metric, is that a move to metric ?

  10. I enjoy your videos Bjorn. I hope some day I can fly on SAS and that you will be the pilot. Questions: How long does it take to load freight on a A340 and A350? And how many pounds of freight can each one hold? Thank you.

  11. Looks very luxurious vs the regular A320, looking forward to flying this in MSFS2020, i heard there are two crews working on a study level A350. Just hope they come with an SAS livery 馃檪

  12. You're a great pilot and nice bloke all-round and, as per the previous comment (as seen in previous posts) I love how you refer to the ground crew as "my colleague", which, of course, everyone is at SAS. Just so you know, I'm one of those who update your OM-A, OM-B's, QRH's etc… stay safe my friend, we are looking after you and we're proud to do so.

  13. The joystick-style controller on an Airbus must be hell with a left arm 3 feet longer than the right- like Ozzy Osbourne on Bo Selecta. He has to be admired.


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