Flushing and Blood Withdrawal from a Central Line

This video has been made to demonstrate proper flushing and blood withdrawal from a central line. It is intended to teach the principles of line care, but not intended to be an instructional video.

Central lines are IV’s which allow medications to be given into large veins in the body, or to draw blood for lab work. While healthcare providers are trained in caring for this type of device, there can be differences between providers as to how this care is performed. Even though we may not train you to perform flushes or lab draws off of a line independently, it is important to know how to correctly care for your line.

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  1. I like the fact that you guys mention that it's your line it's your responsibility to speak up because not everyone is going to be familiar with all steps necessary.

  2. Not a bad video but there was alot of talking and very little demonstration. It helps not to go back and forth with the speakers and the demonstrator. Good job otherwise.

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