Five Ways to Know Your Dog Loves You

Neuroscientist and author Gregory Burns has five ways to test your dog’s loyalty to you without using an MRI. WSJ’s Billy Higgins puts his three-year-old yellow Labrador to the test. Give it a try and post your experiences below!

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Comment (11,893)

  1. Some of the things they say are proofs the dog loves you are actually proofs you need to give them more exercise and train them…they lack activity and training.

  2. When one owns a dog, if treated with love, they will love you back. A cat on the other hand is a whole different story. The only time my cat shows me anything resembling affection is when she is hungry or sits in my lap in the winter to keep warm.

  3. My dog loves me because when I come home she jumps up makes me go on the floor kisses me and cuddles up when she is in my bed she even fell asleep on me last night

  4. I thought my dog expresses it's in a happier mood when it poops hiding its poo way far away in the grass, leaves, bushes versus when my dog poops on the pedestrian road so I have to clean the poo away above ground

  5. We have a yellow lab named Natasha she sleeps with us and she follows me around the house. If we go somewhere and come back she carries her favorite toy around cause she is happy and excited

  6. My dog Pebbles has been a life saver. I adopted her for my daughter initially but it turned out Pebbles had other plans. She never leaves my side. She sleeps alone outside of my bedroom door on the odd occasion when I don't let her in; rather than hanging out downstairs with the rest of the family.

  7. I know all 4 of my dogs love me. They all 4 are all over me when I come in for work. They all do as I ask and obey quite well. They all try to snuggle with me on the couch or at bed time. Usually I'm the one who feels trapped and wind up in on the big doggie bed they no longer use…LOL
    I have 3 weenies (Dachshunds) and one "BIG" Lab mix who thinks he's a weenie. I love them all and they all love me!!!

  8. Go on holiday for a month and leave your dog with a butcher who throws nice bits of meat to it all day long and see if it loves you so much on your return.

  9. My dog (miniature Pintcer) loves me as much as I love him, he sleeps on my bed, knows when I'm in pain by pinpointing the exact spot of my pain better then any doctor, at the age of 6 he got lost in onkaparinga walking trail chasing kangaroo and returned home walking 35 km back home after 7 days. He's my best friend, family and my doctor

  10. I sleep with my dog in bed we play together we do online classes together we vath togther we write togethet we eat together we i camed home from outside he was always standing on the door waiting for mr and u know from when i am knowing him till he was born 🥰 i love him verymuch and if someone stoles something or curse me the dog attacked and give the person a good is name is taffy aww

  11. I almost gave up on my dog because of bad behavior. Finally a friend managed to help me and today he obeys me very calmly and I can even leave him alone at home as he doesn't turn everything upside down. Today I am relieved.

  12. My dog is so sweet and gentle with me im only 7 years old I love him so much he but my cat steps on me sometimes and wakes me up and no it is not because he wants me to pet him he just wants my dad to pet him but he really annoys my dad but my cat also can be really sweet too

  13. My german shepherd sleeps next in the bed in night and when I get a little nap in the day .when I close the door and I leave ,I can't hear anything but my dog shouting like he's next to you and when we come back he jumps on and makes me fall cause he's big as me agile and strong he also protects me but when I fall he giver hundreds of kisses bit anw I love my dog and it's best thing that I ever have I cannot stop playing with him . And also thanks for these tips cause when my dog was small he did everything in the video you told us

  14. dogs arent capable of love. They are arent capable of guilt, which means they dont have a conscience. Our human population that doesnt feel guilt also dont feel love, and are sociopaths. So, ALL dogs are devoid of guilt, and therefore, love. Humans that dont have a conscience can only be guided through reward or punishment (training) That is also the only way dogs can learn anything. Training is he only way something without a conscience can learn, because training with reward and punishment only appeals to selfishness. Human sociopaths only care about what THEY WANT, and it is the same with dogs.

  15. I always acknowledge my pups first thing in the morning with a cheerful greeting and hugs.i let them know how important they are 24/7. Unfortunately when I leave them with my elderly Mom they do some whining and look for my return almost constantly. Mom always says "these dogs really love you " they both know how important they are in my life ( probably spoiled) I learn so much from all of the wildlife living with us on the acreage that we call home together.

  16. I love it when my Solo sleeps on the bed with me, he is always checking on me whenever I make an aching sound. He likes it when I rub his ears as he sleeps and at times will use my leg as his pillow. I trust him more than a human.

  17. My dog and I go for a walk in a nearby park every day that it isn't raining. It's our favorite part of the day. If she doesn't love me, she has me completely fooled.

  18. My dog sleeps at the foot of my bed he always let's me know when he wants to go outside tells me he wants a biscuit after coming inside when I come back home he's always glad to see me and wants me to give him hugs kisses 💋 tells me when he's hungry and waits for me to give him a pup cup as a treat when I come home always wants me to rub his belly

  19. Hi everyone. Unfortunately Violet (the dog featured in this video) passed away a year ago from lung cancer. 🙁 She crossed the rainbow bridge about a month before her 11th birthday (which thankfully constitutes a long and full life in dog years). Thank you everyone for your viewership. Making this video with her was a special highlight of the years I worked for WSJ. We have a new Labrador named Madeleine Rose (she has an Instagram:

  20. 1: she's high energy and she's active most the time. She comes to cuddle after dinner, though
    2: at my feet in the bed
    3: she's cool when I'm leaving
    4: when I get home, she runs me over
    5: of course I love my dog

  21. The difference between a dog and a terrorist is imaginary. When you realise that's an imaginary difference then you can love the dog 🐕 and the terrorist 💥 identically


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