Five things to know about COVID-19 transmission

People can catch COVID-19 from others who have the virus. The disease spreads primarily from person to person through small droplets from the nose or mouth, which are expelled when a person with COVID-19 coughs, sneezes, or speaks. These droplets are relatively heavy, do not travel far and quickly sink to the ground. People can catch COVID-19 if they breathe in these droplets from a person infected with the virus. This is why it is important to stay at least 1 meter) away from others. These droplets can land on objects and surfaces around the person such as tables, doorknobs and handrails. People can become infected by touching these objects or surfaces, then touching their eyes, nose or mouth. This is why it is important to wash your hands regularly with soap and water or clean with alcohol-based hand rub.

WHO is assessing ongoing research on the ways that COVID-19 is spread and will continue to share updated findings.

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  1. Fake Covid 19! A family member friend tested positive. Her boyfriend, mom of 80 and uncle who live with her tested negative. Her doctor re-tested her – came back negative. Don't trust test kits! Insist to be tested twice if tested first time positive!!!! And a few of my family members tested positive had no symptoms to date.

  2. Thank You, Team WHO. Your resolute leadership’s greatly appreciated. You keep info flowing, encourage global collaboration, and provide solid guidance to healthcare organizations & governments worldwide.

  3. I love the positive comments. We need to encourage our Doctors to work harder for us. They are the most valuable asset we have in this war against this: disgusting, nasty, horrible virus called COVID-19 . Yuck ! don't want it, (covid-19)

  4. They mentioned in a recent press briefing (although very subtly because the UN doesn't want to piss anyone off) that they cannot give guidelines until they have valid data. Unfortunately 1. They have to go off double blind randomized controlled trials in most cases, or at least experiments that were designed very well. 2. If there are no recent well designed studies they have to go off old ones. An example would be the droplet vs aerosol transmission that was based on an old study until a new one was published. 3. Acedamia is a mess right now. Thousands of preprints (not peer reviewed) papers are published every week and there are only so many peers that have time to review. Sometimes it's even hard to trust really good studies. Google "Surgisphere" Basically some guy either made up data or stole data and gave it to researchers who were unaware of how he collected it. A couple well-respected journals had to retract papers.

    WHO-you guys rock. I would just suggest not walking on egg shells so much. I know you don't want to piss anyone off but the world needs truth. Brazil is not doing a very good job at mitigating the virus. Countries that had to do lockdowns did not have the testing and contact tracing capacity they needed. Many countries lifting lockdowns still don't have that capacity.

    I do have to give Mike props on calling governments out on "flattening the curve". Yes…it means they expect everyone to get it, just not at once…which means many people will still die. If we social distance effectively then we will save tons of lives but it seems like governments are more worried about people going out and spending money and bringng back the economy. Basically governments want to sacrifice the old and vulnerable and don't want to have to worry about training contact tracers because they want this to magically just go away. He didn't say it quite like that but I personally think it was implied.

  5. After this long period, March onwards , we have to admit that many aspects remain less known , and many knots remain untied. Being unsure adds to anxiety of the global citizens. Murar Yeolekar, Mumbai.

  6. Please be quiet Dr. Bozo. You already put you foot in your mouth and now are trying to walk back your comments about transmission. The damage is done!

  7. This is not a viral pandemic. Buddha is the enlightened one, the one who has real wisdom. who is in the power of the great Chiliocosm, the Saha world (the earth) is just a very very small one in it. In order to save the earth, to save humanity, he has revealed his supernatural powers in this pandemic disaster. In the Nirvana Sutra, Buddha said that he treats all beings from the six realms as Rahula – the son of Sakyamuni Buddha. This means that Buddha treats every being as if he is his only son; it means that Buddha wants only to protect, not harm, humanity. As to those people infected by this virus, it is because they have thought and done too much evil, so of course they will have this karma. Buddha first provides medical support and then he teaches them the ultimate Dharma to help them to remain in their pure and enlightened heart. However, the people who don’t understand, go on insisting that this is a pandemic.

  8. After this long period, March onwards , we have to admit that many aspects remain less known , and many knots remain untied. Being unsure adds to anxiety of the global SYED ZAHID ALI

  9. I am in charge of several state organizational strategies and I have to recognize that that thanks for this two persons, I have made a very successful management reflecting results with happy numbers that can be translated into happy moments for the population. Thank yooouuuu both!

  10. Despite all protective measures that were taken in developed countries the situation still not getting well. in Yemen, the condition is not known ,, WHY there is no survey to be carried out the independent organization to know the reality of cases in Yemen .. what is the role of WHO OFFICE IN SANA'A


  12. Five things to know about transmission of Covid 19:

    1.) It came from China.
    2.) It's a bio-weapon from China.
    3.) China lied about it.
    4.) It was engineered in China.
    5.) Blame China.

  13. LoL This old lady has flip flopped between saying asymptomatic can and can't spread the virus. She's a known liar already with these stories ITS A FACT. Don't listen to anything the WHO says until these 3 clowns are denounced and replaced.

  14. La propagation du virus à COVID 19 est en cours alors le respect des mesures barrières demeurent la meilleur prévention; ce virus à certes de limites auprès des personnes asymptomatiques, mais la transmission se poursuit

  15. The W.H.O stated that there is not a big risk of Covid-19 on shoes, but warned that people should take off their shoes. If it is not a risk why then remove shoes? So I just would like to know. if it is droplets, it will land on the floors, can it not then picked up on the soles of your shoes and carried to where ever you go? The CDC recommended that all hospital staff sanitize shoes before leaving hospitals. Surely the public should also do this? Or am I misunderstanding the myth published.

  16. Droplets come in different sizes. We're not being told that cloth masks most likely do not keep small droplets from aerosolising and carrying the virus infected mucus to the unsuspecting person who is 6 feet and one inch away. Only N95 masks can do that. Why aren't our governments creating a need for these masks and making them available for purchase? I wish someone would answer that.


  18. As a Mother/Grandmother and Mother in law of three family members with Covid19 in Zurich, just want to let everyone know, life is unpredictable, take care, never imagine my family there will go through this, even they were so preventive in their approach, so do your best to help yourself and the rest of the world, you never know if you will get it.

  19. As of today subways are safe to ride unless you are born South of the border then the virus is racist.
    And if you live in rural us you know the Trump voters you're next on the list to die from the virus

  20. So virulent to all! "O Lord, protect us from what lieth in front of us and behind us, above our heads, on our right, on our left, below our feet and every other side to which we are exposed. Verily, Thy protection over all things is unfailing." ~ Baha'i Prayer

  21. I am a bit scared because Yakima County is the worst place in the Pacific Nortwesst and possibly in the West Coast. I am 67 and I have congestive heart failure and hypertension. I just bought some fresh steelhead ..pricy stuff and was busy so I took 2 days to prepare it.possibly 3? And it seemed slightly must not as firm s I like. I needed a laxative so took one. Around 2 am diarrhea hit me. I also had a bad headache and after the stomach issues I didn't want to eat. Not feeling up to par and I've had. Super mild sore throat for at least 2 weeks. Should I be scared of possible Covid. I don't feel terrible except for the diarrhea

  22. What a pathetic species we are
    Mother nature has been doing her thing for millions of years and we come along and attempt to destroy everything in 200 years
    What a tragedy we have left for the generations

  23. Remember three things are very important. ( 1) Wear a mask, (2 ) sanitize your hands & ( 3 ) keep a distance of two meters while you should be among a group of people .

  24. The World Health Organization and its non-medical doctor Director-General have zero credibility over this virus and should keep quiet and let REAL doctors handle the COVID-19 pandemic. The WHO should disband itself in shame.

  25. I'm not an anti-vaxxer by any means, but I do have a concern.
    It is possible that when the COVID-19 vaccine is ready, considering the scale of what we're dealing with, that it will be mandatory. This concerns me. Historically the average time to create a vaccine is 15-20 years. It takes 10+ years to create a vaccine, even with our modern technology. The fastest ever vaccine created was for Ebola, which took 5 years, 2014-2019. Scientists grappled with ethics in the rush to release Ebola vaccines. In 2019, many scientists thought 5 years the create a vaccine cut too many corners. Now we want to make the COVID-19 vaccine in less than a year.

  26. Every body was Kung flue fighting,
    Your cough becomes fast as lightning
    Although the future is a little bit frightening
    It's covid19 oh yeah, It's your life that you're writing!

    You're a contagion in the rough,
    A brilliant ball of disease.
    You could be a work of Phlegm,
    If you just go all the way and spread.
    Now what would it take to break?
    I believe that you can send,
    Not only do you have to fight and infect,
    But you have got to win, the respect?.

    Every body was Kung flue fighting,
    Your cough becomes fast as lightning
    Although the future is a little bit frightening
    It's covid19 oh yeah! It's your life that you're writing!

  27. Corona-v is hydrogen methane domestic gas poisoning the tests are fake you can test positive for eating asparagus high in mercury sulphur you can test positive from eating seafood high in mercury the UK government are putting methyl mercaptan mercury in the mains gas that is the corona flu the same methyl mercaptan mercury they have been using in the killer influenza German vaccine for the last 75 years every country with corona flu is adding mercaptan mercury to LNG methane gas it is the same symptoms as seasonal flu you either have it or you do not no dirty filthy pig is going to vaccinate me as i do not want the German alzheimer's mental diseases the flu vaccines are a money making scam it is the biggest cause of all cancers I can prove it. peoples houses are exploding from adding hydrogen to the mains gas when you go home you will never know if your house will just explode hydrogen is very corrosive and explosive you cannot smell it also it is carcinogenic this is only part of my investigation,

  28. I'm tired of this shit. We need to stand up and stop being controlled by big brother. No More Masks!!! The sick, weak and elderly wear masks. The rest of the 99% of the world get back to normal.

  29. "there's every likelihood" is not a statement of scientific evidence. How do they get away with such softball presentations about transmission. There is a gap in knowledge about asymptomatic transmission. Instead of using science to solve this mystery they make videos like this to impact the population.

  30. The people in Chicago Illinois some people need to go in those hospitals and see it for themselves everybody who dies a dying of covid-19 if you have cancer you died or covid-19 if you committed suicide you died or covid-19 they are lying to the American people. They are deliberately spring this mess all over

  31. the American people need to stop believing what they see on TV and on the news don't you understand that this is all a lie I seen the covid-19 tankard on the train tracks I also have information to show that the University of North Carolina chapel Hill created the coronavirus in 2001 they got to Gramps and people believe the garbage that they see on TV and that's what's wrong with them they believe this mess businesses have clothes people have lost their jobs people are committing suicide but they telling you is covid-19 people are abusing their wives they're doing all kind of things because they are under tremendous stress these stores and businesses with not close if it wasn't for them lying to the American people and spraying this mess all over United States deliberately spring in these chemicals it is a shame that the United States air Force is spraying chemtrails all over America how can these people live with themselves knowing that they're poisoning the American people they must love Satan but they're going to have to answer to God for every evil act that they are doing in this country the angels are writing it down and putting it in the book and they are going to pay the price wake up American people because they are lying to you covid-19 is not killing people people are dying of cancer that covid-19 don't you understand that the hospital is a business and the stockholders get paid good money when their stock goes up the government is deliberately paying a more money for every patient that is diagnosed as covid-19 think about it $3,800 to put them on a respirator if you just named a patient covid-19 and they say they died of that they're giving the money money talks they don't care about telling the truth these doctors are deliberately killing people in New York City but you people don't even care Facebook is deleting everything that it's the truth they don't even want you to know about the truth all these TV stations are owned by the Disney channel wake up and smell the coffee these people are lying covid-19 is not killing anyone it is bull crap this keeps up and every restaurant in the city of Chicago is going to go out of business in everywhere in Illinois to it's a wrap

  32. Asymptomatic = no symptoms, Symptomatic = symptoms, Got it, glad that's cleared up.
    Next positive = bad, negative = good. Now this gets confusing, Con = with, fusing = put together, Whaaat??

  33. Do you really think a virus that originated in one country that spreaded all around the world can be stopped by means of social distancing or using masks ?? 99% of the people who wear a mask doesn't care to protect their eyes leaving their eyes open wide and nacked for the virus !! The media moreover giving false hopes to the citizens of our country that a vaccine is in 3d stage trial and have 90% efficacy and keeps on talking shits on vaccine which did nothing but killed the fear in most citizens… they pretend as if the health workers are ringing our door bell and preparing our dose of vaccine… rather than speaking this sort of Bullshits whatever you people have made just supply em and shove it up our ass … worst outcome won't be death like being affected by covid … people are dying …

  34. Raymond Mark Bowen LET THE GENOCIDE BEGIN! ⚠️☠️⚠️
    First 1-MANIPULATION !!!⚠️☠️
    Second. 2-CONTROL !!!⚠️☠️
    Third 3-DEPOPULATION !!!⚠️☠️


    Everything is a lie with an agenda! Don't get attached to any belief. 💉⚠️☠️⚠️💉💉☠️

    Unfortunately, the news is totally controlled by the elite, I would not trust anything from the corrupt lying media. THE TRUTH IS CENSORED AND THE LIES ARE PROMOTED. I remembered that all these puppet celebrities came out saying that they had covid-19, now they are going to start promoting the vaccine. It's a manipulation! Look … They are famous or governors, they want you to trust everything they say and do, they know that humans fall. Kamala Harris receives the Covid-19 vaccine at a public event!
    Questions! Is this some kind of manipulation? Why are they trying to promote a vaccine that is not even a year old? If it takes years to develop a vaccine. How come they haven't developed vaccines for more lethal viruses?
    What kind of experiment are they trying to impose on humans? Frankly I don't like this! Something is wrong! If you wake up! … All you can do is wake up others. 🤔🤔
    It's about promoting the sheep follower to their puppet leader⚠️☠️⚠️
    Wake up!!! ‼️
    Seek spiritual discernment‼️
    What they are doing is very evil ‼️
    ‼️Dr. Fauci and some other ‼️corrupted‼️ government and leaders ‼️like George Soros are part and owners ‼️of the‼️ pharmaceutical ‼️‼️industry!!!‼️ ( Like Pfizer…. George Soros is a shareholder of Pfizer) ‼️‼️‼️‼️
    ‼️Manipulation ‼️ Control ‼️ ‼️Depopulation ‼️
    it's a worldwide war between the corrupt government against humanity ‼️
    This year George Soros got super rich!‼️
    It's not about your health ‼️ it's about the richest getting Rich and the poorest getting poor ‼️

  35. We all know why COVID-19 is still spreading so drastically, but nobody wants to say it on a public forum. Not saying it is part of the problem….
    Just have a look at recent video footage from Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale and draw your own conclusions.

  36. An omportant new fact learned from managed isolation centres in New Zealand & Australia is that infected people shed virus droplets in their flatulence. New Zealand now requires the upgrading of ventilation in toilets to prevent covid 19: FARTS can kill.

  37. I work at walmart and my mother thinks every item in the store touched by all the customers is carrying the covid virus. Could you make a statement on this issue.


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