First Reaction: Log Horizon Ep 01+02

A Glass Reflection First Reaction of Log Horizon Ep 01+02
Originally Released: October 17th 2013

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  1. I felt like the ppl of this anime are to unrealistic, I mean like the assassin and the guardian guy(I don't think anyone would act like that while trapped in a video game) also I watched all the way till the recent eps and there wasn't one person or even dialog about escaping feels like every was just like, w.e let's stay here forever

  2. The first few episodes were interesting, and it seemed like it had a lot of potential story-wise. This show can also be pretty amusing at times, for example the curry scene in, episode 9 or 10? 13 Episodes in, and I don't think this show is going to be as good as I first thought it would. To be honest, in all of them episodes, there has not been much progress in the story, and still hasn't opened up much of the plot. (Not that I have a clue what the plot is, because it's not really well explained), but I will continue watching this show until the end. You never know, It might spark eventually.

  3. Episode 14 Finally starts to go into some explaining thoughhhhh it is very brief and doesnt exactly explain why anything is happening yet. spoiler but not really I wonder if they are actually going to lose their minds/memories 

  4. I'm a fan of .hack so I'm obviously biased, but SAO and LH are really sub par  by comparison to SIGN and even ROOTS, we do not mention the show that must not be named.

    SAO is literally fanservice and flash posing as a competent show, and LH is just flat out boring because there is a lack of progress. LH might get better as it goes but why should I care for a show that disappoints me with effortless fights and mundane tasks like cooking.

  5. to me the best term for the show is, Ironic because it gave all the excuses that sao and/or .hack could have gave. for example kirito tends to over power most of the enemy's in the game. if it had said that it was because of kirito reaching a level cap it could have made sense even though the reason was because higher then the people he was fighting at the time. also log horizon is constantly saying that this may not be the game itself and actually may be a world similar. if ether sao or .hack had said this it would explain why the world felt more like a fantasy world then a video game. to me log horizon is a tad bit better because the main character is not after getting everyone out of the world he is mostly trying to figure out how he got here and how to make it better for everyone so they can at least enjoy them selves while they are here. also i actually like the beginning of it where nobody is freaking out too bad because it would have done nothing and i got a sense of there was nothing TOO figure out because no one clearly new anything about what was going on. but these are just my thoughts.

  6. sorry for my english.
    For me LH don´t feel like a videogame, as you said it feels more like the characters were transported to a fantasy dimension.
    the reasons are: they are creating things that didn´t existed in the game, all the npcs have intelligence and also can die, a programer of an mmorpg would never give the player an option to buy the guilds building so he can have control over the rest of the players also would not put paperwork for the guilds leaders, when they fight with weapons they only get scrapes, but a needle make minori bleed in ep 7? wtf.
    What is more strange is that, its been 15 eps and since ep 1 none of them have missed their families and their real lifes, its like none of the 30000 players have ever had a live outside that world. 
    Also almost no one have their real apariences, remember akatsuki was a man in the begining and shiroe also said he is taller in this world, thats because they used to play the game with monitors so their characters dont need to be like them. 
    They need a very rare and unique potion so they can change their appearance, so a little girls can be a grown up men or some guild leaders could just be inmatures little kids.

  7. Mr. Arkada, i know that this is a bit out of your regular review context, but would mind doing a review on one of the main series pokemon games? Particularly either Diamond/Pearl/Platinum or Black/White(and their sequels, if possible)

  8. So far ep 14ish this show is pretty good! I like how the main character isnt another op sword swinger and takes the tactical approach. And so far no fan service, minimal romance, and somewhat average gender ratios. Cant wait for the next episode!

  9. Ironically, while this feels the most like an actual game out of the "Stuck in MMO" anime, the plot is rather shaping up the implication that this isn't ACTUALLY the video game in question . . . they're finding way too many things that should only be able to exist and/or work as they do if it was the real world despite retaining video-gamey magic powers. And the formerly-NPC native population seem to be living humans at that . . . it's starting to seem more like a real world with video game mechanics built into nature more than it is people stuck in a game. Even though this is the most game-like game so far in anime.

  10. Log Horizon is not what I was expecting, as the history is pretested well, NPC's are now real people (basically AIs) and episode 16 left of really well.

    The main problem would have to be the pacing as it can vary.

    I say take your chance. The plot isn't really evident until about 5 or 6 I think because the MC was stalling, until it became the trapped players in Akihabara making a society.

    So far, 8/10 for me.

  11. Lookin at ep. 16.
    The pacing feels a little slow, but that might just be because I'm not marathoning it.

    Still a heavy focus on the game aspect with accidentally ignored world events that have made things rather dangerous for players and NPC's alike as well as good use of secondary skills (like cartography) and primary mechanics (ala the bard class).

    With some clues as to why the 'Apocalypse' happened and what it means for the players having been revealed to the main character, the story is now about these trapped players attempting to integrate into the new society. They've formed themselves into what is effectively a new race faction, are participating in the politics of the NPC's (Which includes establishing themselves as a world power without threatening the decisively-militarily-weak-in-comparison NPC kingdoms, sharing quickly developed technology that would advance the current time-frame by nearly 100 years in a mere month, and protecting defenseless NPC's from both mobs and players.), and confronting their own player-on-player issues.

    Overall, loving this show and the idea of actually playing a game this well developed, despite my previously stated fear of bad pacing. I think Brad McQuaid's Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is my best bet so far.

  12. Honestly, I feel like they did Log Horizon pretty well. I mean, we don't know why they are there yet, and you can actually see that the characters' levels makes sense, unlike in SAO, he was about level 80ish before episode 2, yet we don't know HOW he did it. Personally, Log Horizon has won me over.

  13. so far log horizon is THE ONLY ANIME that actually pulls the feel of being trapped in a game very well as it shows the strategies used in games it shows classes there fortes and weaknesses and so far it has a hella good story imo best anime of its type eat your heart out SAO

  14. From the point it's at now I'd say Log's only problem so far is the lack of fighting and how much it DRAGS. The newest episodes seem to drag out, and because of this I'll be watching and eating a sandwich, and then the episode will be over. There's no major caution, however episode 15(12-16, can't remember) did add an extreme twist and threat. :3 As for the fighting, I love well animated fighting scenes + good story and character development (the list goes on), however if you make an anime or manga from a game (game = based off of or such) [zombie survival could be an example ->] and then after a few episodes or gameplay, or reading for about 1 hour, there's no fighting for (LH) 10 episodes +…. IT'S FAILING. With the exception that 18 just left an opening for a massive fight in ep 19, but it might do what episode 15/16 did and just say it'll be epic and then we get 3 minutes of fighting. 

  15. GRArkada, now that the story have progressed so far in log horizon, what do you think? personally i think it is better than both hack and SAO. I really feel the characters develop and the storyline is actually a storyline (GASP), a good storyline.

  16. My favorite series of this season. In the last (19) episode we got the combat it lacked lately and it was awesome. Add character  development and the upcoming death of Rudy (really, who didn't see that coming?) with his resurrection, which is spoiled in the scenes after the credits, and the series looks great.

  17. I would ask someone what do you like about this show? 
    For me, this is my favorite anime of fall and winter, but I have no idea why I like it as much as I do.

  18. the only flaw of this anime is the low-budget graphic. beside that, this anime really know how to storytell the MMORPG in a whole new level. Story, Emotions, Strategical, it's not an anime where you can get a sudden ultimate power. it's real MMORPG and you need strategy to survive in this mmorpg world.

    for all people who have plan to watch it, don't worry to watch. it's not your typical solo fuck overpowered character. it's the real story about playing MMORPG game. worth to watch (y)

  19. The thing i like about log horizon in comparison to SAO, is that the episodes are from a weekly time span so we get more. In SAO like episode 2 was 1 year later after episode 1 like come on i wanted to see all that.

  20. If anybody is reading this and hasn't started watching LogH you should in my opinion the anime delivers on GrArkada's personal wants perfectly 18 episodes are out at the time of me typing this and just the way they discover how they affect the world and how the world affects them is done so well also immortality has a price but you'll have to find out what that is later on in the series 

    If you want to watch a good game anime I would 100% recommend this to you and I have too all of my friends and all of them are hooked.

  21. I actually loved SAO, but GOD did anyone else get tired of all those filler eps? Like, CHRIST, at one point, I thought the show was gonna start spewing botox (-_-') But I actually tried watching Log Horizon and got bored because I prefer the whole fantasy aspect that SAO provided over the MMORPG aspect that Log Horizon gives, but after watching this, I think I'll try it again :3

  22. i really want them to expand on the emotional side of the story no not lovey dovey crap, i'm talking psychologically here. we've already seen the social, political, and touched the apon the emotional aspects of the story but.
    the first law of everything is that humans are assholes. and im sorry in a world where you are immortal and super unbeatable powerful eventually someone is going to get it up the rear, hell i'm surprised it hasn't happened yet.
    also am i the only one wondering what would happen if an adventurer and an npc had a kid, would it be an npc or a player, and what about that npc that became a player would he wake up in the real world if the apocalypse was reversed?

  23. I hope Arkada is gonna do a full review once the last episode has been released.
    I'm really worried with there the series is going as the last 2 episodes that has been released (21 and 22) has been a complete waste of time with nothing but fluff.
    I just hope the series will get back on track in the last 2 episodes so we can get a proper ending but the way things are going at the moment I'm afraid that's not going to be the case.

  24. i would just like to say, this isnt an anime that has a bumch of fillers. i find something important in pretty well every episode. this gets a result of 2 thumbs up ob my part

  25. I really like LH even with the last 2 episodes being filler, but after a marathon of the show, it was nice to see a little bit filler and charter dev

  26. log horizon is looking to be pretty promising. i've seen 22 of the 25 episodes and really like it. it's sort of a stuck-in-a-game anime as well as a bit of a survival anime, because of the way players react to being stuck in the world, so the players have to think of the game a little differently and put some rules up, re-figure out how to fight and learn more about the world until they can figure out how to go back to the real world. they even lose track of some of the big reoccurring events because they were so focused on keeping their community from collapsing. also, dying in this game isn't what you think it is…

  27. I think you should take a look at "Yureka". It could just be what you are looking for in this regard. Tough it is a manga rather than a anime (at least ihavn't stumbled upon a anime adaptation yet…)
    Anyway, i like what you're doing! Keep up that awsomeness 😉

  28. 23 eps so far
    and i don't think it has all the 'GOOD STORY' Arkada was talking about which was a shame. I originally like the series until episode 10, ahhhhh… the boredom XD lol

  29. Please do a first reaction of hunter x hunter 2011 or Evan a first three episode that episode is where you first meet the second main character. It starts out childish but gets ALLOT DARKER.

  30. FPOWARPG (First Person Open World Action Role Playing Game) are my favorite type of games so Log Horizon is right up my alley, even tho MMO are not my thing. Many douchebags online at the same place, not my idea of relaxing and entertainment. I just wish there were more FPOWARPG in the market, also I would love to play a actual good FPOWARPGMMO… + Oculus Rift.
    But going back to topic, Log Horizon is awesome.

  31. I just marathoned the show and I have to say: I really like it.
    While SAO focusses on a single main character and his efforts of escaping the world he's been thrown in while simultaneously trying to woo the lovely lady, Log Horizon is more about learning to live in a new world, bringing laws to the lawless mob of players, building an economy when you have no idea about the values of things and services, and establishing relationships with the natives of the world. It's more about the macro level of it all, a whole society instead of a single guy, similar to Maoyu Maou Yuusha from the same author. Sure, there are some action scenes, but they're not the main focus of the show, just like in Bakemonogatari or Maoyu Maou Yuusha.

  32. Okay, if you dont want spoilers, dont read this review. Okay, first season of Log Horizon is over, yes I said First, there will be a second season. Why because there was no ending. So first season is over, did we learn much, yes and no. As Dostwyn pointed out the characters trapped in the game are now setting up a government, an economy and even laws. All well in good, making me think who ever trapped the players is doing this as a social experiment. However, we have know idea how they got trapped, where they wearing VR helmets or goggles at the time, and no one really seems to be looking for a way out until the very end of first season. Also what is happening to their bodies on the "outside". So in my book SAO is still in the lead, maybe not by much, and we can hope second season of Log Horizon catches up. A quick thing about SAO, Arkada complains about the time skips in SAO, well if you've never played a MMORPG, then here is the answer. Its simple, the players where doing what they do every day, doing quests, fighting monsters, farming exp, and rep, and so on, a pretty boring daily routine. So yeah, time skip didnt bother me at all. Here is to a better second season of Log Horizon. It started out well.

  33. I loved this show but GOD it lost traction in the last arc. It's got a new season in the works so it's not that bad but really most of what happened in the last arc could have been sprinkled throughout the season in order to move the season's climax closer to where it should be, giving it a more satisfying ending.

  34. really want to see your full review on this season cause god damn it was awesome and cant wait for the second season to come out 

  35. I really liked this series. It was slow at some points but knew how to pick itself back up (unlike .hack/sign) and the story didn't revolve entirely around a protagonist who was a total wish fulfillment character (unlike sao). I give it a….8.5/10 and I'd buy it if I had the money.

  36. I'm gonna guess this one didn't end terribly well for you.
    I mean I liked it enough (having not given a single shit about SAO), but it gets a bit bland after they figure out how to cope with the world and establish government.
    Still, it was a welcome way to spend an otherwise abysmally bad weekend (cooped up in a lonely house with torrential rain and the flu).

  37. Would you ever consider doing a first reaction for Brynhildr in the Darkness? It's a sci-fi version of Madoka Magica, two things I know you enjoy. I'm absolutely obsessed with it so far and I think you'd like it (hopefully)! ^-^

  38. "Other ones feel like the main characters are transported to some fantasy world instead of being trapped in a game.  This feels like they're in a game." (Heavily Paraphrased)

    Oh the irony.

  39. This "sucked into a game" gimmick is really starting to piss me off. It's not the gimmick itself, it's the complete lack of creative implementation. Every time it's just a generic fantasy world that doesn't even look like a videogame with mostly normal human characters walking around using holomenues. It has to look and feel uniquely like the characters are living inside a game, and it must take full advantage of the creative options a game opens up.

  40. Tbh, the first few episodes of LG were decent for me, felt like they were rushing to expose you to everything you need. However, it gets so much better a tiny bit later, especially at Shiroes master plan involving burgers.

    Basically the direct opposite of SAO, which started strong and went to shit VERY soon after.


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