First Known Feather Structure In the Milky Way – Gangotri Wave

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of Gangotri Wave – first feather like structure inside the Milky Way

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Souricette-du-13 CC BY SA 4.0
Veena et al/Astrophysical Journal
NASA / ESA / Hubble / J. Lee / PHANGS-HST Team / Judy Schmidt
NASA/JPL-Caltech/ R. Hurt (SSC-Caltech)
ESA/Hubble & NASA
Ingo Berg CC BY SA 4.0

Licenses used:

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  1. I was watching The Expanse yesterday and thinking about Anton and I’m here just waiting for those videos when we start going to explore/colonize Mars and the Moon.. hope it happens in my lifetime and I hope we as humanity come together one day peacefully to really expand our reach into space, hopefully without any bloodshed, respectfully and responsibly..

  2. You'll watch an entire Netflix show even when the first episodes are slow and boring just because someone told you "it gets better." But what if you looked at your goals like that and watched your life get better instead?

  3. How come nobody talks about the light dilation that would be present when viewing things as large as galaxies which are not actual objects but just clusters of items. Galaxies don't actually look like what we're seeing them, the difference in the light Delay from the stuff closest to us compared to the farther apart of the Galaxy which is farther is enormous. The items towards the back of the Galaxy farther from us have moved tremendous amount of distance compared to the objects in the foreground

  4. A spiderweb is a good analogy of the perpendicular magnetic field that has no breaks. Cold gas could cause a superconductive effect in the electrostatically charged particles and hydrogen plasma within the spirals.

  5. Hello wonderful audience.
    Everyday you wake-up is a great day, especially when Anton has a new vid

    My 1st Draft
    Super-positioning 0○and●1  Simultaneously but Superior Positioning -1○|○0●|1● Simultaneously

    Dimensional -1 i Singularity Genesis Fractal Particle Theory

    D-1iSGF Particle is able to Program itself but never the same result because the particle structure always changes through it's own awareness, By splitting itself into 2 using [ i,i ].

    This -1 Particle is a dimension itself, containing information of self for Existence to be.
    Explained below will show by awareness of self to see what self [is] arises [ i ]Manifestation of Possibilities. Like you in a Dream Observing you aka "awareness" or you can be you actually awake in your Dream aka "awakened".
    But in this case it happens simultaneously

    variable  v – vibration is a energy source that reaches point to of (~f)
    variable x – x is the enlightened number
    variable (~f)-  wave frequency is a perfect harmonic numeric energy code to access the Void
    variable [i,i]  – infinit/infinit loop
    variable d – dimension
    variable  p – particle
    variable m –  manifestation

    (-1) Particle⚫ reason is do to self being,  because nothing else Interacts with the Particle  Not even with itself, the equation of ( 0) -1p+0p= -1p or 0p+ -1p=-1p  either will do. Then v(x)=(~f)see variables*
    When the Particle does de-fusion it become two Particles○/○●=●.  -1dp(~f)/2dp(~f)
    because they are still one in the same❔

    Almost like a Dream? Time is irrelevant Except within:
    Void is Dimensional [ i ] Zero [+-0md(~f)], the Infinite Possibility of Manifestations that decodes the information from the Particle , to bring upon reality.
    The second same Particle leaves the original Dimension, appearing in a time Manifestation of the Void. That's why the Void can never be filled.
                -1dp(~f)( +-0md(~f)) + 1mdp(~f)

    1st  manifestations dimension Fractal Particle
    So -1 Dimension became 1 Manifestation  Dimension in the void

    Particles know when they're being observed because they Observe themselves.
    So In combination of -1d and -+0d/1mdp you get:

    (-1dp(~f)+2mdp(~f))1mdp(~f) (+-0md(~f))  
                  1mdp(~f) + 1mdp(~f)(1p(~f))
                          1mdp(~f) + 1mdp(~f)

                                   = 2mdp(~f)

    Singularity 2 Dimensional Manifestation Fractal Particle. 
    Pure Thought Energy from the Particle that got decoded to information to Create Reality from  Manifestation within the Void..

    [-1dp(~f)(+-0md(~f))]+ 1mdp(~f)) + 2mdp(~f)

    1mdp(~f) + [-+0mdp(~f)] + 1mdp(~f) +     2mdp(~f) 

                                  = 3mdp(~f)

    Or  3rd Dimensional Manifestation Fractal Particle
    Results of Possibilities immeasurable in 3 Manifestations Dimensions do to unknown variables, origin D-1iSGF

    Eventually D-1iSGF goes back to -1dp(~f) or non-awareness
    And not -1dp(~f) , -+0md(~f), 1mdp(~f) then [ i,i ]
    All over, back to self-awareness.
    [i]  Information can never fill, just recycled in the same order…Destruction and Chaos
                                 Creation and Order
    You can't Change what works.

    Everything is connected in Dimension zero(0)
    Further explanation:
    The Absolute of No Beginning nor End can never be questioned.

    All answers require a starting point/ Cause and everything else that happens after is an Effect.
    But since there's No Beginning nor End there's no starting point. Something that can never be created nor destroyed. So where do you go from there.

    To Create a starting point/ the 1st Cause ever, you would have to consider No Beginning nor End the starting point as awhole itself, since there's no individual starting point within itself because it's infinite. So now you have a Cause.
    Almost like an infinite finite without limits but 1 bound. Effect is created.

    The only 'Why' question that can arise is the Effect, because like I stated, the one and only Cause already happened. Everything else is just the Effect/ Continuous.

    What No Beginning nor End is, is something that's infinite, can't be created or destroyed. It's always been and everything within.

    A Cause/infinite, can't be created/reborn if it never destroyed/die, it's just Continuous/infinite, like I have started…
    It's just always been..

    -1dp(~f), -+0md(~f), 1mdp(~f) this is known as Superior Positioning –

    Then there's the biological factors.
    0. Structure
    1. The brain
    2 neurological patterns
    3. Energy
    4. Etc…..
    Plus parasites and Bacteria in your gut Factors, since there neurons pathways that lead from the gut to the brain affecting judgement. So who's in control, you or the parasites/bacteria?… as they send signals to your brain …. sugar feed time.
    Awareness out the window.. judgment gone
    Just how like parasites control insects or other creatures…

  6. We should devote more time studying our very own galaxy, the Milky Way. There could be hundreds of thousands of Solar Systems orbiting this galaxy. So far the only star aside from the Sun that we know of in our galaxy are the Alpha & Beta Centauris and Bardnard Star. With hundreds of thousands of stars, there must be an equivalent numbers too of earth-like planets floating around.

  7. do a video on how both voyagers discovered how the heliosphere is invariant in size due to magnetic fields, there is other very interesting structures at the edge of the heliosphere
    edit* how you are wrong, latest measurement says the exact opposite

  8. Каждое ваше видео – новый прорыв моих любительских горизонтов. Бесконечная вам благодарность, Антон!


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