Fire in the Sky

In 1975, logger Travis Walton (D.B. Sweeney) and his co-workers discovered a hovering UFO. Walton’s pals fled, but Walton was not so fortunate. Whisked aboard the strange craft, he was subjected to a painful, unearthly medical study.

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  1. Ive heard stories about alien abductions since i was in my teens,in the 70s most sound about the same. There are skeptics which is normal. But theres got to be truth in many of these stories. How can dif people tell the same stories that live in dif parts of the world,who have never even met or heard of each other ? I believe other life forms have been visting us for many years. Maybe theyre just curious and want to learn.

  2. Great movie, I remember seeing it in theaters as a little kid, this may sound cheesy but this was the only Movie about aliens that spooked me, not so much now in my late 30s Haha.

  3. This movie was more terrifying than any of the Alien movies I have watched in my life time. Absolutely fantastic direction and acting in this movie, this movie reminds me of a friend in Pittsburgh, PA that I knew 40 years back. He said he was picnicking with his friends in Moon township(this place exists, not fictional)-he said he & his friends 3 of them saw a huge craft what appeared to be about 200 feet above them absolutely motionless and hovering with out any sound ,scared they all panicked and left. He told his mother this story and she called him crazy and he never talked about it after that. I did not know what to make out of that story at that time, now with so many abduction stories that you hear, I believe that it is possible. Scientists say that according to the mathematical law of probability, when you consider the vastness of the Universe that at least 50,000 planets should have life, there could be more !!!-I would be remiss if I failed to thank the Robert Lieberman the director & the


    Todd Black

    Joe Wizan


    Tracy Torme-for this movie. What a terrifying masterpiece-wow, wow and wow !!!!!

  4. It's fake, Walton's brother set it up, Mike was in on it to get out of the contract, they used red balloon with spot light, that's why Mike went back alone to give the brothers time to take everything down, then they drive to Mike's house and Travis was dropped off

  5. I went on a journey to Snowflake AZ many years ago, and low and behold I met Travis's brother who was working at the Circle K cool guy. I then drove up to that location where it happened…..alone and felt spooky.

  6. It’s truly shocking on what Travis went through up in space but they did to him but oh my God with his friends and workers went through when they were saying that they killed him and all this stuff and they saw what it happened he was taken. But Thank God they brought him back 👍👍👍👍
    Thank you for sharing with us. Truly a great movie with amazing casts too 👍👍👍👍

  7. I met Travis Walton, a few years ago at an annual U.F.O. fair in Pine Bush, NY. He was there to speak about his encounter back in the 70s. I now have a DVD of Fire in The Sky with a signed cover.

  8. I remember the first time I watched this movie and it absolutely scared the shit out of me…it seriously took me a good 15+ minutes to decide if I was going to watch it again tonight. It’s been a gazillion years since I first saw it and it’s just as scary! I live in Arizona and that shit didn’t happen to terribly far from me so that’s always been discomforting lol.👽

  9. They said Travis failed a lie detector test. He said the gravity part was not real but he felt a weakness where he could not move. And the cacoon part wasn't real either. It was Hollywood effects

  10. Don't tell me we are alone in this universe. Those craft can zoom in and out of our atmosphere with no sound and also hover and sometimes they are cloaked. And then some people say they are just secret aircraft from the United States or Russia – please spare me. We can't even launch a rocket to the moon right now in September, 2022 without some kind of a glitch or leak that made them scrub the last two planned launches. And if we had flying things like this wouldn't we be using them instead of the clunky jets, rockets, and the International Space Station and the shuttles that were nothing more than rocket propelled semi-trucks. Things people see are NOT of this planet or even of this galaxy.

  11. Place he was in kind of looked like the matrix in the movie with Keanu Reeves. Also kind of reminded my of the twilight zone episode "To Serve Man". If this was about a real life event…man it's creepy. Those aliens were savages

  12. Oh my God …I was 10 when we rented this from Turtle Video store in town! Any alien segments on Unsolved Mysteries plus the X Files already scared the shit out of me but the abduction scenes in this movie left a lasting impression somehow and now I'm still getting anxious re watching this

  13. The alien scene still f's with my brain. I remember watching this when I was 12 years old. Completely terrified me. The only other alien movie that is really uneasy and gives the sense of tension is Dark Skies.

  14. They all passed the polygraph. Enough said. I saw something in the sky similar to that. I was with 3 other people. They to this day don't for whatever reason do not remember it and freak out when I bring it up and its been 35 years ago and I always bring it up. They always recoil in terror and say they don't remember that night.

  15. I’ve been trying to find this movie for like 2 yrs for free on you tube or any other platform. Netflix etc. I just typed in again and bam here it is. Yes can’t wait to watch.

  16. Before this was released there was a screening of it at Paramount Studios here in LA I went to – I was invited by my apartment manager who lived in the pad under mine, she belonged to a group of "abductees" which I didn't know when I accepted the invitation – Great flick, fun people, and the truth is that I've had my own experiences as well. I also know that dude Robert Patrick, friggin' guy is in everything….

  17. Like so many in the comments, this film frightened me. I've always wondered how I would react and thought I'd be all calm and curious like Dreyfuss in Close Encounters. Not so. One night I headed from my house in the burbs to my car parked at the curb. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a strange object glowing in the sky. My reaction was terror and I uttered an "O F" in dismay. The thing wasn't moving and I thought irrationally, "if you don't move maybe it won't see you'. I stared the entire time trying to define the shape of the vaguely oval object. And then I shifted my position just enough that realization struck with a flood of relief and me feeling foolish. That glowing object in the sky was the bulb of a street lamp that had gone too dim from some malfunction. In those days my night vision was none too good, prior to my corrective cataract surgery. It was a lesson to me though. I found out that a close encounter would completely unnerve me. I am very happy to see this film come up on YT. I look for it from time to time hoping for a chance to watch it again.

  18. I was just 12 when me and my foolish friends were taken up in one of those things, fuckk knows what they are but perhebs have nothing to do with space ship, i think it is entirely spmethng else.

  19. The so called "ace" Detective is exactly the kind that should NOT be on any case. Preconceived theories his guide . No real investigation.
    Hack poly "expert" NO current poly would be atempted on person still in shock. Especially an event that could produce traumatic stress problems.

  20. Infuriating that nobody believed them boys back then. Just automatic accusations of lies and murder. Good thing Travis came back because those boys would have been found guilty even without a body.

  21. I hate how they portrayed the aliens in this film, and don't understand why they went with this approach when the actual story was far more better and interesting. And it's even crazier that there were humans on the ship.

  22. 1997 my brother lived up in Snowflake when the Phoenix light deal happened he seen that thing before it got to Phoenix came over his property f**** thing was a mile wide and it was black and it had no seams no pop rivets and it made no sound it had lights going down it was a v shape Wing type craft and it was came right over his property he was standing out there he called me from in California and told me what he was seeing put that in your pipe and smoke it they're real

  23. In 2011, in Covina, Ca, 6 of us saw a diamond shaped ( similar to a diamond is my best description, with lights all around it, hoovering, it was pretty high in the sky, but close enough to make out certain details, it stayed still for about 10-15 mins as we stared at it and wondered what it was, we took pix of it w our phones but they were blurry and didnt come out good but it went strait up when it left! It was weird in Covina you see alot of ufo's !!!!!! But the way it stood so still and quiet and then how it shot strait up, it was definitely something from another place!

  24. Watched this movie last night with my family. Mom's theory is that Dallas spiked Travis' lunch and he took a trip for the worst cause he went missing for five days and came back traumatized, naked, and claimed to have been abducted by aliens

  25. It could be the NSA or CIA EXPERIMENT to harvest organs for the elite and he never went anywhere,dressed with masks or conduct some of their weird Lord knows what a big stage production just like the lunar landing.Remember the LSD and other experiments they did in the 50’.These intelligence agencies are capable of anything i.e.area 54etc.etc,The government has a lot of secrets.That’s my 2 cent worth,Live long and prosper people.

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  27. I was broke down in Holbrook AZ n I was walking through town trying to find a second hand clothing store because my 2 yr old needed more clothes n was talking to the locals about this movie n they it's only 20 minutes from here n suddenly terror would grasp them n they changed the subject but it was something they will NEVER forget. N this movie hit harder after looking at the town myself, my dad being in airforce said that it's all classified what he seen

  28. I have bad news for skeptics and unbelievers I can tell you for a fact…that the little grey aliens about 3 ft tall with creepy looking black eyes are actually and factually very real. My girlfriend has seen the same creepy little bastard that kept peeking around the corner of the door was insane to have her tell me the next morning what in the total fuck was in my house the night before..after she said that to me I told god thank you for her seeing the little bastard…the greys have given me and my girlfriend terrible nightmares and night terrors too..they are very real and if there is a way to Get in your house they will find it…the little grey would come in thru the top of the house from the vent in the crawl space in the attic and after I sealed the attic I haven't seen him or them and my girlfriend both are believers and I can safely say they use to visit me when I was a kid too..I use to think it was my imagination or me dreaming about them was just stupid shit but I can promise you they exist and are very real and I honestly believe they have either took me and or both of us and it left us traumatized from the experiences too

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  30. I really believe that Travis was for real I don't care what the police think all them men were right about everything there are good aliens and there are bad. Lord what's over these men so nothing else can happen to them like this ever again I ask in Jesus Christ me amen and amen

  31. I read 📚 the book 📖 on Travises abduction by Aliens 👽 in a flying saucer 🛸 his buddies were terrified 😨 and ran away. Travis returned as he was naked without any clothes on. This is a true 👍 👏 story; believe it or not. It was revealed to the public in the late 70's. It scared 😱 the heck out of me!!

  32. Possibly the best documented UFO abduction story ever. Clearly, something profound happened to Travis Walton and his friends all those years ago.
    And 🫡🫡🫡🫡 to the memory of Betty and Barney Hill.

  33. The aliens in here don't really look that scary it's more of a look of( I am Groot) from marvel but for the time when this came out I'm sure this sent chills to people as we weren't exposed to so much monster designs and aliens as we are nowadays


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