Fiorentina 3-4 Napoli | 7-goal thriller ends in Napoli’s favour! | Serie A

Pulgar gave the hosts the lead but Napoli hit back with 4 goals from Mertens, Insigne and Callejón! | Serie A

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  1. How Fiorentina got a penalty for that handball but AC Milan didnt get one for tye Udinese handball in the 80th minute is beyond me.

    Not saying Napoli's penalty was one, just paying attention to another situation in this match

  2. Fiorentina are one of the classic Serie A teams. I've never seen a boring Fiorentina match. They could always tear any team to pieces going forward, But that defence??? Some things never change. LoL

  3. Man are those commentators lousy or what?
    All they say is NAPOLI!!!! It's a goal! 3-3! It's a header! What a goal! Napoli! It's a goal! Dries Mertens! Napoli!

    Is it that hard to form a complete sentence?

  4. On Napoli’s penalty what was the defender meant to do? How was he supposed to try and stand up?? Was he meant to remain still in case the player trips over his leg?? The players trips over him for crying out loud!! He’s just trying to stand up!! This ref had a terrible game!


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