Fiorentina 1-3 Sassuolo | Defrel Double Sinks Fiorentina | Serie A TIM

An early Grégoire Defrel double saw Sassuolo breeze past Fiorentina | Serie A TIM

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Comment (140)

  1. Chiesa isn't made to be a striker i don't know why he is been pushed to play out of position…he is a winger maybe attacking mid type player who creates chances and shoots from long distances.He isn't really strong, doesn't have the finishing or the composer to be a CF and he is in a bunch of games now wasting chances.

  2. Fiorentina plays like mediocre team, please rescue them before going down to serie b !!! Poor management + poor coach make this team very struggle this season, and it's a horrible like the last season, i miss prandelli era when fiorentina is european contender not like this situation =(

  3. Fiorentina is club that played in a big stadium with 50 thousand crowds and would challenge the top Italian clubs, albeit with never actually winning that much. But it is sad to see how far this once prestigious club has fallen – the motley crew of clowns who have been running it for the last 30 years have driven the club into the ground. Complete Oblivion awaits Fiorentina if things carry on like this.

  4. Boga is true class and is meant to become world class. Djuricic has FINALLY turned into a dangerous player. He's always been among those intriguing specimens that you just weren't sure if they'd manage to achieve something.


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