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The time has come to paint the house! In this episode, we finish the center section siding and begin painting it. We still have a few odds and ends to take care of, but we are finally finishing up the exterior of the center section! Also, be sure to check out our new t-shirt shop! You may be wondering to yourself “Do I really need this?” Yes! Yes you do. Public nudity is frowned upon and we need building supplies 😉

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  1. Being I've been here from the start and will stay until the finish will i get an auto invite to the house warming , i will be happy to sleep with the donks ?

  2. I love what you guys have done so far. I myself am going to build my house from shipping containers. I love your love for one another and how you work together as a team. You may be recording a record of your diy project, but your also setting an example of what marriage should be. I love you guys, and you can't leave out Bear very cool puppy❤️

  3. You guys have done an amazing job, sometimes I thought it may have been overkill but you will have a strong, weather tight and beautiful home. Love what you are doing.

  4. Addley Grey is a very good color choice. The BEST. This video was well done. I laughed a lot, it’s good therapy and it left me with a good feeling, like so pleased.

  5. You've changed so much (in 4 days 🌞).
    Both look so much healthier, toned, trimmed and wholsome.
    The world can learn a lot from you.
    Now wheres that link…

  6. Hilarious. Everyone has an openion on painting the containers. I'm not worried. You'll do great.
    (I've bounced around and like the colour you chose. 🙃 still dont know the baby's name though)

  7. As a retired builder.regarding screwing your roof down.should only screw the top ridges down .not in bottom of your pans .it's less likely to leak. In the iron you get expansion and contraction with the weather.those screws could leak by the movement. And the ends of sheeting where you flashed should be turned up as a back can get a steel slotted tool for that.on ends where gutter turn it down a bit. water can travel up hill a bit with wind blowing . …yours rinie from Queensland australia

  8. Yeah I don't know matching colors but I googled it yellow gold matches green it actually mentioned something about it being soothing

  9. I like the color. who ever does the video together does a really good job. I wish I would have seen all these in the correct order. I really like when the donkey comes to visit. 🙂

  10. I just want to say that I think you both are doing an awesome job. I would love to buy a home that you too built. Keep up the great work. The fact that you two are still married says alot about both of you. I am really looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  11. Said this before Mac, but you may not have seen it, sprinkle SELF RISING FLOUR in the window sills to get rid of the Beetles . I know you don't like killing thing's, but ya ever had one bite ya? It sting's super bad, and I wouldn't want little Beau getting stung/bit 🙁 The Flour is safe for Beau and Bear, and when they're gone, just sweep it away 🙂 God Bless all <3 🙂

  12. I have been watching your video clips for the past fifteen days. I do electrical work and other handy man stuff as well. But I must say I am impressed with your craftsmanship. Spencer is doing exceptionally good and Makenzie has so much detailed knowledge about materials, construction and design, I am amazed. You both are a great team your smiles are exceptionally phenomenal. Now some things which are little late to talk about: 1. Why you did not use a hose and a water pump to have ease of water at point instead of bring it with a watering pot. 2. Why did you not dig the conduit trenches with a back hoe could have been attached to the back of the tractor. 3. When you starting nailing planks on green boards you left cavities which will become future refuge for the insects. 4. Why are you guys using brush to paint when you could have done it by spray gun. 5. These lady bugs are a blessing on a farm. They most friendly insects that kill and eat all other insects that do damage the fruits and crops. 6. I think to keep your home warm during winter and cool during summer, you will have close off the bottom cavity with blocks and mortar. I liked you plans for rain water collection, filteration and making it drink able. Your solar system and independent internet system as well. I could not see much detail on septic system and usage of it water. I still have not seen much details on green containers buried in the ground. I will keep on watching. Keep it up guys you are an inspiration to many.

  13. Did one of you take videography in school because your videos are excellent. I sort of liked the natural color (yellow) but never take commenters advice, it is your house and it should please you. The center section looks great and the overall design looks real good.

  14. Your container home is looking amazing. I wish I had your skills, for sure. Was wondering whether or not you had any type of plans on paper that yo refer to as you go? Keep up the great work, and always continue to laugh, it is infectious 🙂

  15. Whilst people have different views on colours, everything you guys do is great simply because of the love and heart behind it, it literally shines thru 🌞


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