Final 2:14 WILD ENDING Hawks vs Cavaliers 🔥🔥


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  1. Cav's played well but Trae Young's play in the late 3rd and 4th quarter proved too much for the Cav's. Cav's could not keep him in check.

  2. Why like this. Nba rules today are not good. It's unfair to no.8 spot like cavs. Their standings are highest than haws. Only 1 lose and now eliminated in the playoffs. That is 84 total games. Same situation for clippers which is more better standing than the pelicans.

  3. Play-in is i think unfair for the 7th and 8th seeds of the regular season… They win those seeds so hard, but still have the possibilities to be eliminated from playoffs by a team who has lower standings… Now the LAC with 42-40 record can be possibly eliminated by the 36-46 NOP.

  4. Gotta give props to the cavs, despite not making the playoffs they'd put the league on notice by being a young solid talented squad. Might need a few pieces and development to push them over the top but man I didn't expect the cavs to be good this season at all.

  5. Behind only 3 points, they get a needed steal under 30 seconds of an elimination game and the coach didn’t think to call a timeout instantly? 🤦🏾‍♂️

  6. Yeah, Cavs are out from under the LeBron shadow yet… People were hyping them too soon. Don't know if the Hawks have enough defense to compete, but last year they were nutty good in the playoffs. Trae fears nothing.

  7. Cavs Coach Bickerstaff missed the opportunity to call a timeout and draw up a play when Markinanen stole the ball down 3 pts. Instead he waited till the ball was taken back by the Hawks to call TO. Came down to coaching.

  8. Summary…

    The coach….
    Cavs coach knew Trae is warming up in 1st to 3rd qtrs.
    Yet allowed them burned in the 4rth.

    The Player…
    Trae Young is a Finisher.


  9. So all that hard work Cleveland did to get the #8 seed, then the Hawks win 1 close game and now they're #8? Doesn't seem right. What's the point of the regular season for now? For a chance to make it to the playoffs or get screwed?

  10. If the Hawks are only the 9th best team in the East, I’ll quit watching the NBA. We are peaking and playing lights out at the only time that matters. Trae taking over making other players great. Proud of you guys.

  11. I ?ed Lauri Maarkenen going early into the pros & boy was I wrong; dude was a beast tonight. HOWEVER, he's not the 1 who should be guarding Trae Young in the clutch.

  12. When players like trae get proud and wave bye to fans or the other team, I'm like dude chill. You ain't up there in the echelon as a player. The fuck with this pride?

  13. anyone dislikes the play-in shit now? so unfair for the 7th and the 8th seed, the records are there and they have played 82 games instead of cutting games during COVID. Just cut the play-in!


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