FIFA 23 | Official Career Mode Deep Dive Trailer

The EA SPORTS FIFA development team take you inside FIFA 23 Career Mode to show you new features coming to player and manager career:

0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Player Career Personality
2:15 – Playable Highlights
2:56 – New Menu
3:37 – Dynamic Moments
4:36 – Transfer Analysis
5:22 – AI Tactics
5:58 – Authentic Managers

FIFA 23 releases September 30, 2022 with HyperMotion2 Technology, women’s club football, both men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup™ tournaments, cross-play features, and more:

Pre-order FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition by August 21 to get a FIFA World Cup™ FUT Hero item, as well as up to three days early access:

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Comment (6,874)

  1. I'm not gonna lie, I would love it if we could actually change the kit of an authentic team every time a new season starts, like small customisations, would make the whole experience feel a little more authentic

  2. Well, I’ll let the guinea pigs buy it and see what’s what based on reviews after a few weeks. Should be about the same as the past 4 years. 🤣 EA won’t change folks, you have to change your spending habits.

  3. Was hoping there was a co op career mode like f1. Either play for the same team or play for different teams and meet in the league against one another's teams. Also play international if your good enough for the call up.

  4. I also think you guys should create like a story line like in fifa 19 Alex hunter but it has to the players instead of default character, I mean I should be able to create myself in career mode and then have a story how I was scouted where I came from my decisions before I got signed like Alex hunter but my story I hope what I’m saying makes sense to anyone

  5. Last year they added create a club i was hoping this year they will go more in depth with that mode since it's has no real football club rights so it's have alot of potential but it's EA they will always take the easy and re-skin option bro even the shirts are the same as Fifa 22 lol

  6. Include youth development. By this I mean a tournament for youth in oder to gauge them, like FA youth, champions league youth. It should not be a must you play them you can simulate tehm

  7. How about multiplayer career mode? Where u can play online with friends or family together?
    Insted of all the new silly cut scenes

    Fifa is finished!!!

  8. Career this year reminds me of the journey and would love to see next football game a more interactive manager squad scenes with the player can't wait for fifa 23 !!

  9. When I sim a game in Manager career I wanna be able to watch the game as if it was live on my Tv, not just a bunch of dots moving around the screen, I feel like this would make it so much more fun and you could treat each game as if it were real.

  10. I will only buy this on sale EA still dont really care about career mode or create a club. A few Cut scenes are cool but we need much more. I'm really disappointed still no kit sponsors? Hopefully a create a club team will have the actual kit numbers of the league…

  11. Hi EA sports, I just got an Xbox series x 5 days ago and I’m looking forward to the fifa 23 experience, and I preordered it, but please we want more in career mode, managers never get sacked or move to other teams, the transfer simulations is too much and unrealistic, player developments too is unrealistic please reduce the rate at which players develop and make the game more difficult, players shiuld retire and become coaches, few selected players though, and more hair and beards physics, and face too, it’s annoying that players has the same face after playing 10 seasons of career mode, it’s unfair🥺 and these are what makes the game tiring, but of course I love the new shot mode, I’m really excited about that because for some reasons for years the shot has always been my one basic problem in the game, it’s just too unrealistic shot animations but I’m loving it now, I like the way the players pick up their pace and balance to play shots, I can remember other features we your beloved fans would want right now but I will come back for more and I know it’s a lot but if we don’t have the features on the fifa 23 please let us have them on EA FC next year, thank you💙💙✌️ and it doesn’t matter what haters say, great work!💙

  12. I would really like to see:
    *deadline day cut scene because It would be cool Seeing all the clubs trying to sign their players
    *Goodbye speech when you leave a club
    *Player interviews
    *Manager interviews and players come running in because you won a big match

  13. Toujours la même arnaque tout les ans ils changent quelques détails ils nous prennent 70 e et au final le jeu et tjrs aussi rageant, frustrant, un mode fut qui crée une addiction, tu veux toujours améliorer ton équipe et pour ça il faut jouer énormément ou mettre de l'argent ce jeu fait ressortir ce qu'il y a de pire en nous, c'est juste diabolique. Honnêtement qui n'a pas déjà brisé une manette, une télé, un mur de plâtre, une porte ou autres choses, de rage. On devient incontrôlable et ça nous rend méchant avec nos proches.

    Alors vous allez me dire, tout le monde ne réagit pas pareil, mais je pense que beaucoup se reconnaîtront.

    Ils vous prennent votre temps et votre argent. c'est simple , faîtes les comptes du temps et de l'argent perdus pour une activité qui ne vous rend même pas heureux au final. On à tous mieux à faire. Enfin j'espère pour vous.

  14. I wanted a Youth team to better develop players who were unsettled who can’t get time with the first team, I also wanted to have a loan and loan to buy option because it gets annoying when all the offers are to buy and you just want to develop the player.

  15. It’ll never be realistic we all know it’ll be easy to win everything and have ridiculous amount of goals in the games and easy to run through and stadium atmosphere will be dead


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