FIFA 22 | Official Launch Trailer: HyperMotion Begins

Powered by Football, play FIFA 22 featuring next-gen HyperMotion technology now:

Powered by Kylian Mbappé, David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Wayne Rooney, Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney, Heung-Min Son, Christian Pulisic, Samantha Kerr, Jude Bellingham, Phil Foden, David Alaba, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Rio Ferdinand, Alex Scott, and more.

See what’s new in FIFA 22:

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Track: “Trials” by NGHTMRE

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Comment (2,048)

  1. Please FIFA Youth Academy 🇰🇷Korean name spelling error ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
    Li ❌ LEE ⭕️
    Tang ❌ PARK⭕️ KIM ⭕️ JUNG⭕️

  2. Why isn't this game taken down ? Why does youtube allow this illegal game to be presented on their platform? The game is a casino in disguise and is presented to Pegi3.

  3. Fifa = done with EA.
    EA= More evil than nuclear weapons.

    How is it that we can find a way to incarcerate Martin Shkrelli but not the staff at EA? Some of the most loathsome vile human beings on planet earth.

  4. Fifa 22, the game (since Fifa17) for which you pay 70 € – 80 € and in which Ai plays for you and if you are lucky it plays well.
    The game in which more than 80% of online matches end with the abandonment of the match of one of the players.
    The game where it doesn't matter how good or bad you are, the Ai will take care of everything.
    The game in which any fool can win with PSG.
    The game in which everyone plays with PSG or more recently with Liverpool, the other teams are just for decoration.

  5. why in the next FIFA 23 you don't put the option to use a real coach, in the same way you can play with a real player? , I think it would be a great improvement for the career mode, sometimes I don't want to have to create one from scratch but be Pep Guardiola or another great football manager.

  6. Every year the game goes more slow aaaand slow to play…. And 95% are playing with psg hahaha lucky mbappe did not go to real or otherwise everybody play with real madrid…

  7. Last fifa I bought was 20 I probably won’t buy another until fifa 24/25 and I will see a difference cause I’m not buying fifa every year and complaining it’s the same thing like the idiots in the comments… just buy fifa 2-4 years apart and you’ll see a difference

  8. In 20 match online season, 18 are vs PSG.
    PSG is a bug team of course.. we have just to wait for UFC or ea sports loose the license to restart to play a good football game.. fifa 22 is trash as 21, 20, 19.

  9. I think that in fifa 24 in career mode you should have the option to watch games from other clubs, especially big games in nearby cities, and to spend your holidays in other countries😉

  10. Coming back to this… HYPERMOTION was just a complete shittery and most garbage way to announce a half thought idea 💀😂


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