FIFA 19 | EA SPORTS x adidas Limited Edition Jerseys Reveal

Four massive clubs, four bold new designs. EA SPORTS x adidas Limited Edition Jerseys are available now in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team for FC Bayern, Juventus, Manchester United, and Real Madrid. Find out more:

Featuring David Alaba, Paulo Dybala, Jesse Lingard, and Marcelo.

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Comment (717)

  1. I really want the Real madrid One or Are You Going to Lie To me if you lie to me I will be so so so Mad!!!!!!! Her is my Adress Qatar Al khor
    House Number 122

  2. I don't care to this uniform.
    Just fix the game.
    I mean… Stop handicap. Stop helping noobs because all the fifa players are hard training players. The big majority are not beginner anymore. They know ow to play.
    Give us better servers. It is impossible to play online from some parta of the my country (Brazil). Just befause a good server are missing for us.

  3. El peor FIFA de la historia . Mil veces el 18 . La defensa controlada es lo peor . Los jugadores no cabían rápido . Todo es muy lento. Aveces los jugadores salen corriendo y por más que presiones el mando . No hace nada . Solo buscábamos un FIFA 18 actualizado . Mejoras en otras cosas . No en la confusión


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