FIFA 14 TV Commercial – We Are FIFA 14

Join Messi, Bale and the rest of the FIFA team in the full length FIFA 14 TV commercial. Pre-order for exclusive content: | Get on board at

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  1. Fifa 14 as a game is not bad but…

    This game is overated and costs too much for its quality.
    When you play seasons match notice when you have two games left you get no controls at all and its raining all the time. By the way the rain is so fake and not realistic EA should remove because it doesnt look like rain anyway. Seasons division are nice but Im dissapointed with these controls that we still as a players dont have the full control of the game. If the big game is coming up and you need 3 points it will be impossible to win it and it will rain mostly. They made some kind of difficult gameplay which gives full momentum for your opponent but not for you which is dissapointing. Why would you put stoppage time if its not realistic because if your opponent gets the ball the game is still on, but if you get the ball and go for counter attack the whistle blows and its over. PES have made it more stable and realistic. Overal game is not bad but crowd could be louder somehow reacting differently when goal was scored or the momentum is building up. 5 out of 10.

  2. Funny ✅
    Has famous players(and Drake) having fun✅
    Shows gameplay✅
    This is how you make a football videogame commercial


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