Feds investigate Bronco engine failures

48 drivers say the SUV’s engine has failed while they were driving. Now thousands of other vehicles may have the same problem.

‘I made a turn, and it just died without warning’: Feds investigate Ford Bronco engine failures

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  1. Ford – electrical and engine problems
    Chrysler – just no stay away
    Chevy- engine and design issues
    Subaru – new are good, old head gasket issue
    Honda- amazing
    Toyota – King

  2. Please stop putting these on the news. Thanks to you, my service department is getting blown up with people freaking out that their glorified brick on wheels will blow up when nothing has happened yet. It’s not my service department’s fault you chose to buy from an unreliable brand. Let the manufacturer tell the customers so that they can also tell them how to proceed with the problem. If there’s no known solution yet, what good is it gonna do with people blowing up our phones?

  3. If the corners get cut in building these new vehicles to save money, why is the price tag so high?

    And I answer…

    Someone has to pay for the entitlements for the already overcompensated former and present employees.

    Get used to it! Or get a horse or bicycle

  4. American brand vehicles are made in Mexico 😀 they just slap made in the US badge on it. Ford's mantra: "Cars made for Americans", what they miss to say, "Made by Mexicans", that is why Mexicans love driving Ford vehicles, they built the darn thing 😀 You want American made? Get a Honda or a Toyota

  5. Never buy a first year of anything.
    PE teacher in high school had a crap load of issues on her first year 2001 Escape, again, she bought first year, which you never do.
    When the Focus first came out in 2000, up until 2003 or so, they had a lot of recalls on them.
    I'd definitely go with a Hyundai Tucson over a new Escape all day long.

  6. 4 cylinder is a way better option its more proven and makes enough hp but 10speeds are a ford/gm cooperation gonna be interesting to see how they hold up

  7. Ford is infamous for changing something in the middle of a manufacturing year. Anyone who has owned a Ford vehicle knows that it's always going to have some kind of issue. Most mechanics cringe when you pull up in a Ford vehicle to be worked on. Then you'll cringe when you get the estimate/bill to have it repaired. Getting replacement parts for a Ford is a whole other nightmare when warranty runs out. This video just reinforces the poor quality of the engineering and/or assembly of a Ford product. Buyer beware…it's a constant money monster that drains the wallet.

  8. All vehicles these days are built with the "Planned Obsolescence" in mind. The jeep 3.6 pentastar engine is equipped with a plastic engine oil filter housing which will eventually brake within 80k mi or more. BMWs have plastic parts in their engine as well and other brands too have adapted this slogan. After all, what company would sabotage itself by building a product that'll last forever?

  9. Let’s forget about the failures and talk about how this woman dresses and styles herself in public for a news interview. Especially after paying $50k for a ford.

  10. I too bought a brand new bronco, however I chose to go with the 2.3l hope that it is a good one. Even if it does blow up still better than any new chevy blazer lololololol I'll push my ford before I buy another brand

  11. I have a bronco 2.3 engine 7sp on order. Been waiting for almost 2 years. Ford's communication simply sucks, and these Bronco's are riddled with problems. Just go on the message boards to find out. The auto-stop/start feature is terrible in any car IMO. No doubt put there from the pressures of enviro-nuts. It's a shame these Bronco's are having so many problems. They nailed the design and that in and of itself is what car makers should be making- great, reliable, basic function outdoor recreation vehicles. No more EV crap. Learn from Toyota.

  12. Instead of Ford making the engines simple, they made a mess of unnecessary hoses and wires. U wonder who are designing Fords power trains? Stevie Wonders 🕶

  13. Ford like most manufacturers are just pumping out vehicles without quality control because of the shortage, figuring they'd just fix it if and when it becomes a problem 🙄 You must remember any type of vehicle that is a brand new design will come with problems guaranteed. Best option is to wait a few years for the manufacturers to sort out the bugs and if it's too late for that then at least you have a warranty…

  14. Ford is a ridiculous JOKE! LMAO They think their EV program will save them, but they will destroy that, as well. They shouldn't even be in business with the garbage they put out, the $12 stock price is very fitting 😂

  15. Ford should have the 3.7 litre option.Its one of the best engines they ever made.Its the reason I am not buying another Ford.This engine gets absolutely great mileage on the highway and is very very reliable.


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