Fecal Incontinence: Causes, Risk Factors and Treatments | Colorectal Surgeon Susan Gearhart

Colon and rectal surgeon Susan Gearhart discusses the causes, risk factors and treatment options available for individuals diagnosed with fecal incontinence, including Johns Hopkins’ multidisciplinary team approach to administering care. To make an appointment with Dr. Gearhart, please call 443-997-1508 (Maryland residents) or 410-464-6641 (outside of Maryland), or learn more at http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/healthlibrary/conditions/adult/digestive_disorders/understanding_fecal_incontinence_134,196/.

Questions Answered.
1. What is fecal incontinence? 0:03
2. What are the causes of fecal incontinence? 0:26
3. How can someone prevent fecal incontinence? 1:08
4. What are the risk factors for fecal incontinence? 1:42
5. What’s new in the treatment of fecal incontinence? 2:16
6. What surgical procedures are used to treat fecal incontinence? 3:10
7. Why should patients choose Johns Hopkins for their treatment needs? 3:44

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  1. I was on a trip to New York where bathrooms are hard to find and most places don’t allow you to use them regardless of urgency. I was eating with someone who was upsetting me and though I have IBS D but had never experienced fecal incontinence … but 2x I had it…totally lost all control before I could get to a toilet. Can you have it just those two times or is this the beginning of something new? I’m scared that this will happen again although now I’ve been home a month and I’m fine. What do you think?

  2. Theres this one stinky kid at my school who has this shit and it is literally the nastiest small ever. Its been like 2 years and its only gotten worse. You literally smell shit before you see him. Is there really no fix for his leaky asshole? Its so fucking gross.

  3. I am female 65 slightly overweight have never been constipated always have had daily bowel movements. For the last year have had fecal incontinence, not runny but soft often don't realize it is happening. I do smoke cigs. Will losing some weight and changing to a plant based diet help, have also become lactous intolerant this past year. Thanks

  4. I'm 45years old. I've had fecal incontinence for 8 years now. I had colorectal cancer ,went through radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Surgery was done and a stoma placed for 9months . Fecsl incontinence started when the stoma was removed and I started using my anus again. Will my sphincter ever learn to control again or could it be a permanent damage caused by radiation? Please help

  5. It's not a smirk, but you're a jerk. She is dealing with a delicate and somewhat embarrassing topic and trying to help those who are concerned about their condition relax . Sorry that you have a problem with that. to

  6. here's several things for relieving leaky gut quickly
    Eat a whole food, nutrient-rich diet that avoids foods which irritate the gut
    Make sure your digestion is working: You can follow a perfect diet, but if you aren’t digesting food appropriately, it is not going to help.
    Find and remove underlying food sensitivities – eliminate a suspected food for a period of time
    Find ways to reduce and eliminate stress:eg Prayer, meditation, moderate exercise, adequate sleep, and acupuncture
    Consume gut healing foods and nutrients
    Balance your gut flora by including appropriate amounts of fermented foods in your diet each day.
    Find and eradicate gastrointestinal infections
    Consider the use of gut-irritating medications:
    Lessen exposure to environmental toxins
    Make sure you have enough sleep and avoid overtraining which are a form of stress to the body.
    (I learned these and why they work on Richala remedy system website )

  7. Weel… it's like this, I am not incontinent per se. I have good bowel tone. What I DO have is IBD (Crohn disease) thus frequent and sometimes URGENT diarrhoea. If I cannot find a loo nearby this can present a problem. Further, like if the urgency is extreme (before the 'safety valve') I can potentially and indeed have had many public as well as at home diarrhoea accidents. This is from chronic somewhat bloody diarrhoea. BTW I love that glass section of whatever building that is at JH. I also have higher than ;['normal' laundry bills which can be rather expensive as well. (BTW like I am a 17 year old male, and I must say also that like this problem is not always involving older folk and/or just women).

  8. Dr, during stapled hemorhoidctomy they cut the anal vascular hemorhoidal cushion which create air tight seal and patients get fecal urgency after stapled hemorhoidctomy. Can anal cushion grow back ? If so can u send me proof from medical books. Thanks

  9. All of a sudden I have this…..I am only 77 female and have no children but I am on klonopin 1mg and visteral .25 and both cause constipaption and when I pass gas it is fecal staining…….and I have hemoroids.

  10. I had urinary incontinence and was able to get excellent results with a Coaptite injection, even after 10 years, it does the job. Well since then I have developed IBS and fecal incontinence secondary to a long delivery and large baby. A neuro stimulator was placed and it really isn’t working as well as I had hoped. Would I be a good candidate for a Coaptite injection or would they even consider this?


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