FAILURE: Accepting My Limitations, and Vowing to Thrive Anyway!

The Wonderhussy Report 11.20.21:
FAILURE: Accepting My Limitations, and Vowing to Thrive Anyway!

I have been trying to keep up my YouTube uploads throughout my move to Death Valley, and have thus far refused to admit that I’m totally overwhelmed. But today, I’m acknowledging my limitations publicly — and turning over a new leaf!

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  1. dear huss, you haven't failed.
    Want a hoot? Visit a library and check out 'Whateverland' by Alexis Stewart and Jennifer Hutt. or 'The Season, Inside Palm Beach and America's richest Society' about the east coast folks. Both books are hilarious! Is there a library in the high desert?

  2. Love it. You’re fast and furious at times. Great energy and passion. Go girl. But I’m glad I’m not in your shoes or boots as it were. Not easy being the wonder.

  3. Can you do another video on cathedral canyon? I'm curious to see what it looks like now 2 years later, not that it could get any worse but geez that's the guy who helped vegas become vegas! Lol take care

  4. Vlogging while you unpack could be fun🙂 sorting through items, getting rid of things, interestinf finds, etc etc. thanks for always being considerate of your viewers!💕

  5. I understand, I don't think you are complaining. The idea of running a youtube channel is great, until you have a go at producing content that is watchable & interesting, sure you have to start somewhere and it will get better but keeping up is the hard part. Good on ya.

  6. I like all the Death Valley videos. When I was young, my parents and brother camped at the Devil's Golf Course. I haven't seen that on your channel, but I may have missed it. It was the lowest point in the Northern Hemisphere. Let me know if you have shot that before. Great content!

  7. Don't apologize. We all know moving sucks. It takes me about 2 to 3 months before I put away things and place things to where I felt comfortable. Take your time, your fans will be here. You too hard on yourself. This isnt a SUNSET BLVD situation. Lol

  8. You haven't failed honey My advice get a trailer for your car and get used to the wind it's pretty wicked out here, I also like traveling around too, I also own some land out in Charleston View Ca and Elko Spring Creek area Were off the old Spanish hwy. Your an inspiration to I want to make a garden and orchard out there alone my partner is a legit handyman he doesnt like gardening much but takes care of the chickens lol Listen If you make it to Sandy Valley either on the Ca side or NV side some random spooky app says to visit the Old Death Valley School District Plus we have a guest Ranch out here a famous actors mom owns it , Their is also alot of crazy stuff hidden around town Like my Neighbors Spiraling Staircase to nowhere, And some huge French Can Can Dancer statues at the old bordello privately owned now not in operation. We are real close to the old Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings Oh btw please look up Park Rangers spooky tales about finding random staircases in the middle of nowhere Dont go near one if you find one, Plus I know how crazy social media gets my daughter is known locally. Keep on truckin Lady I want to see your blog

  9. This reminded me to tell you WH, I appreciate all the work you put into your channel. I'm much too lazy to do such a thing. I like aspects of it, on a temporary basis, but can't imagine keeping video after video coming. AND having a life outside video.
    You're an amazing (Wonder ful) woman. Also, you look great in tiny, tight shorts. 😆

  10. I was really waiting for the special effect where you jump into the air like supergirl. You need to get your green screen going. Like Adrenaline Jackie,
    short is good, doesn't need to be 30 min all the time. PS thank you for the card.

  11. OMG, I showed up to this video crying my eyes out because I'm feeling like such a failure as a digital nomad. Agggghh! I ended up laughing my ass off by the end here. Thank you! Looks like you're building quite a little in-person community too…such a commodity in these pandemic days! Rock on!

  12. There was a time in my life when I had too much stuff. Two garages full of boxes. I gave most of it away. What was left went into a dumpster. Now I park my cars in my garage and I don’t miss that crap one bit.

  13. LOL Wonder Woman, you do you first and what ever your decision will be (upload or not) we will be here patiently waiting for a Hussy moment.. don't burn out because of all this stuff you have to do, staying healthy is more important!

  14. Since you are asking for suggestions…how about June Lake and Devils Postpile. June Lake is about 3.5 hours drive from Death Valley. Bishop and Lone Pine are kind of nice too.

  15. Sarah – You are indeed a creative genius. You have replaced Chelsea Handler as my favorite female video or TV personality. Your videos are much better than a lot of the reality TV on the air now ! We love your flair, your spark, those crazy looks you give and "off the wall narrative" !

  16. Sara, I am a 77 year old woman and I am in Hospice. I really enjoy all of your work. I know how much work you put into it. I was a Video Producer for many years.
    When you have time you should go to Holbrook, AZ. It is near the Painted Desert, a Navajo reservation, the Petrified Forest, and was once said to have the most haunted courthouse in America.

  17. no worries , the robots are coming , robots will do the house work yard work maintenance and repairs , all that crap , there is even going to be sex bots for those with such proclivities………….once you get a "bot" you will have more time to work , which is great because the bots will not be cheap,,,,,,,,,,,

  18. Personally I love your travel videos more so don’t give that up. I have also found through other youtubers that “less” content often leads to better content. Those who have cut back to doing only one or two vids a week deliver better videos. Take care of you.

  19. You know, I believe the majority of your followers will understand if you only post when you have time. Moving isn't a piece of cake under normal circumstances. I for one love your videos, but I also understand you have a life. Live it and include me when you can …

  20. I saw a comment on another channel where someone stated it is not unusual to invest 1 hour of time per 1 minute of properly produced content. Wow! You certainly deserve a break! Even two shows per week seems extreme. Best of luck to ya!

  21. I think you should come to my house(s) in Oakland, Ca & spend a few days hanging out with me and explore in the hood, in my 3 tiny houses that I call 1) Mini Mansion 2) Micro Mansion 3) Nano Mansion (same property) and I'll show you the good, bad & ugly of this fascinating city… Not to worry, I have no criminal record. lol

  22. Thank you for the update. I love all your content. Moving, decluttering and making life fit where ever you are always takes more time and energy than you expect. Video editing is definitely a skill that gets better with practice and time, but it doesn't mean it gets faster. I admire your persistence. I could never keep up even a once a week, ( even if I had something interesting to shoot, and I don't) or even once a month. You go. Thank you for all your excellent content.

  23. No No Fair Lady . I think you have done very well. It just takes time and you have already accomplish a lot. Thanks for cluing us in about the time consuming work on your youtube channel…

  24. Little sister slow down go ahead and take time to get your home together us loyal watchers understand don't run yourself ragged then get your vids we will wait love ya take care

  25. Nice comeback, Sarah Jane…..and I do hope your "visitors" will allow you to finish your move and unpacking without coming over. A lot of people unloaded on you about a GREAT MANY THINGS and DVL (death valley life) 10 and even got into your personal life with the guy stuff…..and all……REALLY, folks…..REALLY??? Sarah Jane you're avant-garde and eclectic and that's why I watch your videos….keep DOING YOU, grrl….!!!!

  26. No, you can have your sand box, I've traveled across the desert many times when I was driving truck over the road. I'll stick to plants, flowers and animals that stick to the part that has trees and maybe snow when it comes for two to four months of the year. Have fun in your sand box, I'll be thinking of you and the arduous task of moving, which isn't fun at all.


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