Expert Butler Explains the Best Way to Pack Your Carry-On Bag | WSJ

Shoes, slacks, shirts–which goes in the bag first? Barbara Maly, a butler at New York’s St. Regis Hotel, is a packing pro. She shows you how it’s done.

Photo/Video: Adam Falk

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  1. Wait till they get to the airport to find out that there's a weight and size limit.
    In all seriousness though, the first thing anyone should do is check the carry-on policy for the airline they're travelling with. If using multiple airlines, use the more restrictive policy as your guide. Then you can determine how you need to pack your carry-on. In some cases, it's more worth it to check your bag.

  2. It’s quite surprising to me that people do know how to pack a bag just at was done in the video. Some consider me an “over packer” but I like options. But trust I can get everything in a suitcase.

  3. What a waste of time watching this video was. Anyone with half a brain could pack that amount of stuff in a case that size. She didn't even pack much 🙄

  4. No pajamas? Workout clothes? Makeup? Hair tools? Laptop? A ton of other chargers and adaptors? This is overly simplistic and just unrealistic for most of us… (especially women)

  5. Roll shirts and pants. Socks crammed in the shoes. Underwear, undershirts, and exercise clothes between the roller bars in the bottom of the suitcase. And then the biggest tip, when you get to the hotel, hang the wrinkled clothes in the bathroom and run the shower on hot to steam out the winkles. Use the suitcase buckles and compression straps if it has them to take pressure off the zipper so it lasts longer. And don't roll the suitcase outdoors (concrete and asphalt) if you want the wheels to last.

  6. 1 pair of pants… literally i can cram 4x the amount of clothes in my carry on and then i have options. like what about pajamas or a hat or camera gear. just a waist imo

  7. Are they packing for 1 day and not to iron?! Pack for efficiency, roll everything up and stop being lazy and use an iron when you arrive. I gaurantee I can pack 5x more clothes in that bag. This video definitely doesn’t explain the most optimized way to pack a carry but most unrealistic way.

  8. As 26 year airline pilot let me add one improvement – once you’ve folded your shirts in this manner unbutton the first button of the shirt so your collars flex instead of smash.

  9. No pants other than suit pants, No underwear, no bras. No sneakers, jacket, pajamas, sandals…. Is this just a business trip? Very odd. I went to Peru for 7 days with a suitcase this size, three times as much clothing and had plenty of room.

  10. Soooo… No bra, no panties, no hosiery, no comb or brush, no perfume, no makeup, no toothbrush or toothpaste, no pajamas and I guess the lady wears the same dress for the entire stay since she didn't bring anything else to wear?? 🙄🙄

  11. great, until you have to re pack your toiletries at the airport because you aren't allowed to use your own clear plastic bag that's the exact same size apparently…

  12. Should have put socks and underwear inside of shoes and then added a pair of jeans, athletic shorts, and two t shirts or something for when you aren’t working.

  13. Hello! I love these types of videos! My question is… this person is travelling for a day, right? I would not be able to live in that for a few days. I need more items than that.

  14. Nice clip, though I did not see any electronics, which my carry-on is full of (Phones, tablet, computer, chargers, cables, camera, electric shaver, etc etc). What do I really like in the carry-on packing process , is that Colombian Airport agent (a combination of a TSA agent and a ticketing agent), who dumps everything out of my bag (after me spending hours in packing it correctly), X-ray my stuff, then proceeds to X-ray the empty bag, then throws everything back (of course not in order, and overflowing), then I move to the plane, when another agent greets me with a stern face, and check again my bag when the airplane is waiting. So much for careful packing… I finally board the aircraft when all the seated passengers look at me angrily as if I am a cause of any delay, and I am trying to fit my overflow bag in the overhead completely full bean and try to get in my seat where is a woman sitting and refuses to move. In short, no need to carefully pack and how I love traveling.


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