Exclusive: Candace’s Family Thinks Kouri Is Defensive | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

In this exclusive clip, Candace opens up to her family about what she needs from Kouri for their relationship to work. Her family isn’t sold on Kouri’s ability to step and be the husband she deserves. // Tune in to “Family or Fiance” on Saturdays at 10/9c on OWN.

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Exclusive: Candace’s Family Thinks Kouri Is Defensive | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

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Comment (18)

  1. He will cheat on her again sadly. He wasn’t even giving a for sure answer that he wouldn’t… and this is BEFORE dealing with the tough martial issues up ahead (as in all relationships). I see him running to the other woman when it gets tough…he ain’t ready.

  2. His fake anger was just him deflecting. The questions to give all of that was getting so hard for him so he wanted to get the hill out the kitchen and he did by making it be about this boy. Is anger with the same himself because he for the first time was being held accountable for what he really did to his girl. Philadelphia to treat her like that but in front of the world he didn't want no one to know this is how he treated this woman. She didn't demand that he respect her and give her much I'll give her a child much so he didn't. It was almost like she didn't think that she deserved it . She is so afraid that if she asked for too much from him that he will leave her. And it's obvious that she's been left before that's when somebody's child father isn't there and hers is present .

  3. I hate that she feels like marriage means he chooses her. He's not ready for a relationship and definitely not ready for marriage. Marriage is not a means to end, its work even with a good partner. So many red flags with him and their relationship.

  4. That's what it means when a boy is internally stuck in a man's body. Biology doesn't wait for no one, it's up to you to catch up to it.

    He keeps cheating and will continue to cheat because he is trying to forever feed his little boy inside him the love he never got. The problem is these women he keeps sleeping with /who are emotionally attached to him, HE is NOT attached to them.
    He doesn't have a secure attachment with anyone maybe his Mom, but he doesn't have a base by which he can center himself with. She wants to his base but he has to make her his base. He's too grown not make that decision on his own.

  5. I wish someone in their family group was honest enough to be like nah no blessing or even a no blessing yet because I just wasn't convinced that he would stop treating her like dirt. How you see a change in somebody in 3 days. Half of the family didn't even know he cheated on her at all. He proposed out of fear that she would leave and still cheated on her after proposing. He's not ready.

  6. Marriage is only going magnify the existing issues that have been there. I know that it must be difficult for the family to pour in their emotional support and watch her endure a toxic relationship. Of course as family they’ll always be there for her, however, eventually they’ll need to withdraw emotional investment in regards to her love life.

  7. Sorry, NOT sorry but he is not good for her or any other woman at this point. His BEHAVIOR when addressing a her brother (aka a MAN) was VERY telling. He is NOT a good influence on her son. Everyone seems to be SCARED of him. Being single is OK. Work on yourself so you can figure out why you spent 5 years with this LIAR and cheat. Run girl, RUN!


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