Exclusive 1st listen of Taylor Swift’s re-recorded version of ‘Christmas Tree Farm’ l GMA

Following the release of “Red (Taylor’s Version),” the singer is giving “GMA” and fans more with another re-recorded song that will get you in the holiday spirit.
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Comment (182)

  1. It's been a decade when she's start her career. And it's really insane that she still managed to Break a Records.. Her fans is really amazing. I have no words. AN ICONIC LEGEND QUEEN INDEED 🥺

  2. She starved us without any singles till the Red TV release date and now she is serving us everything we never knew we needed. Kinda reminds me of how Blackpink works, starves fans for one year and comes back with a banger(Not trying to compare just saying the similarity). Very smart and strategic💅

  3. IF THIS ISNT AN EASTER EGG FOR A NEW VINYL VARIANT IDK WHAT IS. THEY USED A DARK RED VINYL FOR THE TRANSITIONS. Also I’m rly annoyed that on her website they’re selling the Christmas tree farm vinyl again but why not the Taylor’s version pre order?

  4. Im soo happy that she does all these things for swifties , she loves us and spends soo much time to give us sth really special , I cant be more thankful

  5. When your fave celeb say’s they want to stay out of religion/politics then comes out with a banger Christmas song. I’m smiling, same time rolling my eyes at the irony. Most people won’t get it but if Tay ever told her Muslim fans happy holiday she would be terrified that her other fans would cancel her.

  6. I'm sorry but I'm legitimately going to be extremely angry if she doesn't put it on YouTube or Spotify I can't f**** afford to have Prime music. This seriously better not turn into the whole Apple music s*** again in Spotify that she dealt with. Because I love this song and I swear to God if I can't even listen to it for Christmas that's going to be stupid


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