Excel Macro VBA Tip 8 – Hide UnHide Rows and Columns in Excel with a Macro

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Learn to hide and unhide columns and rows in Microsoft Excel using a macro. This is a great lesson to learn if you want to display a limited amount of information without having to delete any excess information or data. This tutorial teaches you how to hide multiple columns and rows as well as unhide them in Excel with a macro.

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  1. sweet vid!!! i need some help though, please help if you can. is there a way i can tell it to look at a cell reference, then hide rows accroding to the contents of that cell?

  2. Thanks for the nice tutorial. I've got another question regarding the hide/unhide macro. Is it possible to hide rows without specifying numbers, i.e., "hide/unhide the next 4 rows"? I've like to create a macro that I can repeat throughout a worksheet without constantly updating the row numbers in visual basic.


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